On to the next one…

The Lord is blessing me right now…

Although I am seriously late on reporting the good news, Sunday’s event was a total success. This was my very first appearance as a writer in my home town. First and foremost because I have always been skeptical of the support I would receive from home folks. Secondly, I am good with constructive criticism in a way but I am quick to react with judgmental looks. Does that make sense?

If someone is giving me some pointers, advice, or feedback on my work–I am fine. It’s the ones that look at me like I’m gum on the bottom of their shoes and they are genuinely surprised that I have come this far.

Those are the looks that I did not want to be faced with. There is only so much thick skin before beast mode squad gets nuck cause they buck. LOL… (kidding, maybe :))

As my dear mother in law always says, ‘you have to let ignant folks be.’ ‘Don’t join them because I would be giving them just what they wanted from jump.’ A reaction… And yes, I spelled ignorant wrong on purpose. I can spell and spell check is on… Just saying.

And the third is pretty much easy to guess, I was procrastinating. LOL

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to do more things right here in Arkansas or in Little Rock for that matter but my spirit has to be eased. If I’m uptight or nervous, I fear for what may come flying out of my mouth.

The Lord is not through with me yet!

As for the turnout this past Sunday, I am pleased to say it was all a starving artist could hope for. Plenty of friends and family came out to show their support. I sold a lot of books and a lot of t-shirts. Thanks to a family member, I now have personally designed t-shirts for sale. How cool is that? I have always wanted that little addition to go along with my books and now thanks to Continuous Tones, LLC I got my wish.

back design fam shirts tshirt design

Next stop is Atlanta Ga… Do you or do you know of anyone that lives in or around the Atlanta area and loves to read, please come out and check me out. Missing some books from your collection, come on through to pick up your autographed copy, take a picture, or get the ones you have signed. I am eager to meet new readers and all the seasoned ones as well. It’s a fine time to put the name with a face. I have been communicating with so many around the way and would love to see who I’ve been speaking with.

first read collage

All titles will be on deck from beginning to the latest, hope to see you there.

Until next time…

K. Harris

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