Satisfying Saturday

How do you know when you are truly satisfied?

verb: satisfy; 3rd person present: satisfies; past tense: satisfied; past participle: satisfied; gerund or present participle: satisfying

meet the expectations, needs, or desires of (someone).
“I have never been satisfied with my job”
  • fulfill (a desire or need).
The trick to living a productive, happy life is figuring out what makes us tick. What gives us that unbelievable sense of serenity. What allows us to feel fulfilled. What truly makes the juices flow and better yet keep them flowing. That last statement could be for the gutter filled minds or the more platonic ones, either way, I meant just what I said.
Regardless, if we want to truly be satisfied in life we have to find that nitch that just does it for us. Sadly it will never come easily because so many other little temporary fixes will come along to scratch that itch to confuse the mind. Imagine if everything we have every wanted came to us easy, we wouldn’t work for ish.
Speaking for self of course because I’m sure there are plenty of folks in the world that expects things on a silver platter. Unfortunately that is not the way of the world in slightest bit. In the words of Betty Wright in one of my favorite songs by her, she says ‘Anything worth havin’ at all, Is worth workin’ for and waitin’ for.’ True enough she was talking about a love gone wrong but the lyrics and the song title itself says it all.

No Pain, No Gain ~ Betty Wright
Y’all better feel me on this one.
How can you truly be satisfied when you aren’t doing what really makes you feel good?
Better yet, what is satisfaction to you?
Living a truly untraditional life, I had to fight that much harder to make things better in my life. School after kids, working during both, relationship, and so much more kept me on pins and needles. Sometimes the days just melted together giving me no room to search for different.
One day a light bulb went off in my head. I realized I wasn’t truly satisfied with anything that was going on in my life. I was just going with the flow. Riding the wave… Sitting in the middle of the ocean with no land in site.
It was a vision that I had been having for years but was too afraid to go for it. After a few long conversations with my wonderful brother-in-law, I realized how complacent I was at that moment. I was overly content with the everyday 9-5 schedule, weekend relaxing (sarcasm), and start all over again the next week. But I was far from satisfied…
Needless to say, I made some necessary changes in my life. Changes that outsiders questioned to no end and still question to this day, I’m sure. Although it is hard work to stay motivated, I am always pushing forward and I refuse to give up.
Am I satisfied? Not fully but I won’t be completely until I have reached my ultimate goal. Only God knows what that is because my story isn’t completed yet. I pray I have more chapters left before I am called home.
Does life satisfy me more now than in the past? Heck yeah, I may wake up tired or sluggish but I wake with a purpose now. Sometimes I want to sleep in a few hours longer than what time I rise but a little reminder dings in my head that says, ‘if you want to write while its fresh, you better GET UP!’
I am willing to do everything in my power to do what satisfies me. Work hard, enjoy life, remove blemishes (figuratively and literally speaking), basically do what I gotta do.
Do what makes you tick not what society says you’re supposed to do? What fun would that be…
Until next time…
K. Harris

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