Testitmony Tuesday

Do you have a testimony?

Of course you do. We all have a testimony, be it big or small. Everyday we see another day is a testimony. Sometimes we get so caught up expecting the big things that we tend to overlook the little ones. In all honesty, can we really call the everyday blessings small?

If not for those everyday, overlooked, natural things that we take for granted–there would be no big ones. Trust and believe that I am not preaching by any means, this blog post is for me as well as for those that needed a little inspiration or pick me up. We all could use a little reminder to be thankful. Especially rolling up on the holiday season. This is the time of the year where so many become caught up in the Christmas blues.

There are many people out here who have lost a loved one and are suffering till this day. They could be dealing with any type of loss, while others are worried about how much stuff they can purchase on Black Friday. Mind you half of it is tedious and not needed but it’s on sale. So yeah… (Guilty)

Our children are constantly making lists of what they want; when, what, where, and how. Some of us as parents are trying to figure out how to get it for them. Churches will be busy rehearsing songs, Christmas plays, and praise dances. Decorations will be shoved down our throats at every turn in every store.

I remember when I was in elementary school and the teachers would always make us write what we were thankful for before Thanksgiving.

Growing up I never had the designer clothes, the expensive shoes, or any of the top line electronics. Being an adult now, I actually prefer the simple life that I was afforded. At the time I didn’t understand, now it’s abundantly clear that material things are really pointless. We grow out of the clothes, the shoes don’t last as long, and the electronics break over time.

Thankfully coming up the way I did, I am able to teach me kids about how privileged they are. Now whether they acknowledge it or not, eh who knows. Still I provide what they ask in reason. In moderation, they get certain things that I wasn’t afforded because I want them to have what I didn’t. I don’t want them to see the struggle I had to endure and be a witness to. Saying that to say this, they may get but it can also be snatched just as fast. Being ungrateful or selfish is the biggest pet peeve I have. Luckily for them, they try to keep their noses clean and their hands from that terrible jar.

Let’s play a little game. Comment on this post, what are you thankful for this season, year, month, day, lifetime? The list is endless.

I am thankful to see another day to get this thing called LIFE right. Thankful for my family and surrounding support system… A roof over my head, a car to drive, and an amazing ability to provide a secure environment for my children.

It is what it is… I love what I do… And I wouldn’t change my life because God blessed me with it. Through trials there has been triumph. Through difficulties there has been diligence. Through obstacles there has been obedience.

THROUGH IT ALL, I have learned to trust God. This is my testimony!!! What’s yours?

Until next time…

K. Harris

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3 thoughts on “Testitmony Tuesday

  1. This blog is nothing but the truth…love it!!!

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  2. This blog is the straight truth…love it!!!

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  3. Another day to serve God and to get things right with him. I’m thankful God being God in my life.

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