Fate or Plight?

Promoting, marketing, and preparing… So many other words can be used to describe how hard I am hitting the pavement to get recognition out for my latest release. Not to mention the many brainstorming ideas that is consuming my every waking moment and if I do manage to get some sleep, the visions still keep coming. The saying says, “there is no rest for the wicked.” Well they might as well add ‘the writer’ in that mix because rest doesn’t come easy.

There is always a deadline to beat whether it’s set by the writer, the readers, or whatever driving force that helps keep us on track. In the midst of taking a break from the grind on this new project I am working on, I decided to jump head first into creating a book trailer on YouTube. It is so very hard to keep up with all the marketing tools available to a writer in this day and age. Now there is no reason to depend on a publishing company to do the things you need done. So many different channels to broadcast… so many revenues to visit… so many added bonuses of knowing somebody that knows somebody to get things done.

Don’t get me wrong I feel extremely privileged to have the knack for research and the many people who are interested in helping me along the way but the brain tends to go into overload. When in overload I tend to get a wee-bit stressed out.

As the song goes, ‘I won’t complain.’

That song always gives me chills and make me want to shout from the roof top, how good God has been to me. The skill set he has blessed me with to do so many wonderful things, I can’t thank him enough. If I had a thousand tongues, I still couldn’t speak fast enough. (Testify)

In saying all of that, I need your help. Although I love the enthusiasm of so many readers, I would love for you all to share your love with others. Spread the word and post reviews… I’m available on all social media outlets, don’t feel comfortable speaking out for all to read, feel free to inbox me directly. I look forward to the boost of confidence that my work is reaching the minds, eyes, and hearts of all who read.

I plan to do trailers for all of the books but it’s a slow process. For now take a look at ‘Fate or Plight,’ and tell me what you think.

Don’t forget to hit the like or dislike button, subscribe to my YouTube for other updates, leave a comment, and most of all share.

Until next time…

K. Harris

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