‘Where would I be’ Wednesday

As I was up writing on this fine Wednesday morning, a song came on by Kindred and the Family Soul ‘Where would I be.’ I know I have said it before but I will say it again, my mind works a million miles a minute when I am in write mode. Sometimes it really is difficult to turn that bad boy off or tune it in to stay on one topic at a time.

While writing a chapter in the new book, my mind kept saying ‘blog.’ So here I am, blogging smack dab in the middle of the third chapter of this new book.

Thinking about the name of this song and meditating over the words, I couldn’t help but think about me DH. That man, that man…

I don’t think I have ever dedicated a blog to strictly him and it’s a fine time to rectify that.

My dear husband, is the bomb and then some. From the moment he popped up in my life until this day has been nothing but a blessing. Mr. Harris not only vowed to love me but to treat my children as his own from day one. We met February 12, 2005. That day we talked for hours about everything important and some thing’s that weren’t so important. All before we had the privilege of knowing if who we were talking to really matched what we were told.

Thankfully everything checked out on both our ends because forty-five days later we were engaged. A year of planning and we said ‘I Do!’ Officially I could scream the famous saying from The Color Purple, ‘I’s Married Now!’ (Side Note: I love that movie and can quote it front to back.)

Nine years, five months, and fifteen days later we have gone through our fair share of obstacles but the love has never wavered. I was truly made from his rib and I cherish every minute we have together. (Lord I’m getting mushy and teary eyed writing this)

The question still remains, where would I be if I didn’t know you? (DH)

Honestly I can’t answer that question nor would I want to. I am just blessed that I do know him inside and out. When he is having a good, bad, and off day… I know his every waking breath. Does that sound stalkerish? Even when I don’t like him, I love him. Does that make sense? Lol… Our humor, inside joke.

Thank you for always being my biggest supporter as well as giving me the biggest nudges when I am slacking. Without you I fear where I would be. I thank the Lord every minute and every hour that he allowed our paths to cross.

Take a moment today and tell the one you love how much they mean to you. The next moment is not a guarantee so express your love while we still have a chance.

Until next time…

K. Harris

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1 thought on “‘Where would I be’ Wednesday

  1. …and they called it puppy love. Did I tell you that I am proud and happy for you guys. *group hug*


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