A name with a face…

At the last book event I was a part of, I approached a potential customer trying to sell Love Drug. In going over my spill over why I think she would enjoy this read, this interesting expression appeared on her face. It was a look of familiarity. Come to find out she had already read the entire crew series.

Unfortunately, for me, I had not ventured out to do many personal appearances in my three years of writing. That was the epiphany moment when I realized even though I may write awesome books, if I don’t put in the foot-work or face-to-face moments, am I doing my part?

Am I thoroughly reaching my audience? Am I disappointing some that would like to put a name with a face? And not just looking at my social media posts… I am guilty of mixing my personal life with my professional life, and for that, I may suffer. I have heard on countless occasions, in order to set your brand you must separate the two.

Although I see the point that statement makes, I also feel I am the writer I am because of my personal life. That’s real… I write because of my family, let’s be real.

My husband always has his ministering hat on to remind me of my purpose is not just my passion. My kids inspire me to keep pushing so that prayerfully I can make them proud to call me mommy. Countless other folks that I engage with on a personal level but admire the work I do on a professional level.

My social media profiles are filled with lots of pictures of the family, funnies, inspirational posts, and work related things. Will it hurt me in the long run? Possibly… But honestly if a reader is so stuffy to a point where they don’t view a writer as being a human being as well as an entertainer, then they won’t like my stuff anyway. Just being honest. Maybe those ones leave those contradicting reviews. (Side note rant, don’t mind me)

The goal for the remainder of the year is continue the upward climb to greatness. I have two events scheduled for November. One November 8 at the Central Arkansas Library, downtown branch and the second event is November 22 in Atlanta, GA. I am so very excited about what all is to come. Next year I pray I can participate in many more.

Until next time…

K. Harris

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