Forward progress…

Although my show is back on and the premiere was two hours long, I still managed to handle some business. (Being Mary Jane)

I am proud to announce, FATE OR PLIGHT?, has been completed. I pray it is to you all’s liking. Right now it is in the review process and we should be in business shortly. At least I sure hope so. It feels like it took me years to write this book versus months. I have lost sleep and I am sure that if I didn’t love my locs so much, some strands would be missing.

This is the official paperback cover…

FATE OR PLIGHT? Paperback Cover

I am excited to be finished, relieved (I didn’t give up), nervous (about whether it is good enough), and most importantly eager about the response from the audience. As I have stated before, I am my biggest critic. In some of the reviews of KING, there were questions and concerns of it not containing enough werewolf details. I tried my very best to add that extra mystery and excitement to club.

Thank you to all the lovely folks who waited for this seriously setback book. Lord knows this book took a lot out of my spirit. Luckily, my mojo is back and now it’s time to press on. If you have time please swing by my website, pictures from the last event is posted under the literary events tab. A few other changes have been made as well but they were mainly cosmetic.

New story updates are coming soon. Although wattpad is where I started, I often feel pressed to post. I literally have to push myself to jump on… <shoulder shrug> we will see.

Until next time folks…

K. K. Harris

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