Missing in Action…

Hey all, I know I have been missing in action for a bit. Originally I was debating on whether to take a break for a bit to get some rest and regroup. I tried to keep going, I really did but it was of no use. I burned myself out to a point where the story that I was writing wasn’t making sense to me anymore. The excitement for the story completely vanished.

Lord have mercy on my poor tired soul…

So many have been left in the rafters waiting on the next release but it just wasn’t the right time to release it. Plus I don’t want to release any garbage.

Another thing, I needed to do my part as a wife, mother, choir director, praise dance coordinator, and all the other personal titles that I hold outside of my business life. I took that much-needed break to spend some family time with my household as well as get my church family ready for several different programs we have coming up.

The crazy part was that, I was so burned out, I wanted nothing to do with my computer. I didn’t want to boot it up let alone post or write.

Good news to report, I AM BACK!

Don’t cue the band just yet because of course I have to creep my way back in. And don’t let me get started on it being football season because most folks know that I am a football fan.

I have joined my first Fantasy football league and it is crazy addictive. I am so competitive.

This weekend September 19, 2015 10:00 – 5:00, I will be at the BWABC Literacy Festival in Memphis Tennessee. More to come on that.

Also I have officially signed up for the new social media craze Periscope. For all of you who know nothing about the new outlet, it is a mixture of instagram-snapchat-youtube-twitter. (In my opinion) I am enjoying it so far. Considering I don’t like to speak publicly or anything like that, it’s alright. I have recorded a total of six videos so far. I admit, my little person is obsessed with jumping on with me so if you are on Periscope and follow me, a lot of videos will have her video bombing me. Whether it be vocally or with her physical body, she is a bundle of personality.

This will be a wonderful way to get to know me as person not just an author, blogger, writer, or whatever you may know me as.

Periscope – Author K. K. Harris

Instagram – @Nappyredd30


Twitter – @KKHarris_Author

Website – author-kkharris.wix.com/kkharris

That’s all for now folks. I promise to get back to you all soon. Several live Periscopes will be coming to you guys on Saturday. Hope to see you all there. Be Blessed.


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1 thought on “Missing in Action…

  1. So glad your back. Your book fans missed you. Take your time and continue to rest. Just knowing your on your way back to making wonderful novels is enough for me to wait. Looking forward to King book 2


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