Thirsty Thursday…

With the release of my latest book, I have been contemplating taking a little break. It sounds fairly easy to do but alas it is not. I am addicted to books. I love to read. I love to write. I enjoy living through my characters. Although some voices, opinions, and situations are more forceful than others, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Considering that some reviewers are not nice and definitely pull no punches when bashing (yes I said bashing) my work, the supportive readers still outweigh the bad.

The loyal, faithful readers that I have gained over the years is well worth any of the ugly opinions given by those who just don’t view my vision for the book as well as I would like.

My thing is, every book isn’t for everyone. I don’t write in a specific genre or style that could be specifically compared to other authors, yet I have reviewers that do just that. Oftentimes I find myself writing how I talk. DH is always trying to rest my frazzled nerves when I read a negative review about how unreadable it was for the person.

It’s funny how some consumers constantly use the excuse of errors being present when the review is riddled with them. (Sorry my pet-peeve) Don’t throw stones if you are surrounded by glass, JS.

I have stated it before and even though I hate repeating myself it’s worth it, I am not perfect nor do I desire to be.

I’m not in the writing game to become rich, nor is it about the money period. It’s about the craft, the art of entertaining others because I am an animated person. I might as well put these voices in my head to good use, why not write a book? LOL… 🙂

Back to me quenching your literary thirsts…

The latest work of K. K. Harris has been released. Trampled Heart really did hit the ground running. In case you are not up to date on the details of this book, check out the synopsis below.

papercover official
Trampled Heart


Neykole “Kole” James is a twenty-five year old single mother of two. Having more unsuccessful relationships than healthy ones, she is leery about the opposite sex. Liars, cheaters, manipulators, and hypocrites surrounded her on all sides. Other than the love from her children and close friends, she considers herself unworthy of love. The constant assumption that no man would ever want a ready-made family was drilled into her head before she left her home town of Little Rock, AR. With the assistance of her childhood friend, she moved to a new place to start anew. Leaving behind family, her son’s father, and a bucket load of other drama that she wanted no parts of, Kole wanted better.

A chance run-in with a school mate, brings forth a fondness she had sworn she was over. Just seeing his face, although a bit older, brought everything back full swing. The problem is he never noticed her then so any chances of her being noticed now was next to impossible. Taking into consideration that she now had kids further pressed the envelope that fate was definitely not on her side.

Can Kole’s heart be mended or is it broken beyond repair?


This book will excite you, piss you off, and most importantly intrigue you. Get ready, Get ready, Get ready… Don’t believe me grab a copy and see for yourself.

Until next time.

Much Love ~ Nappyredd30

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1 thought on “Thirsty Thursday…

  1. I love your books. I have read all but Austin”s Desire and I’m starting on that one today. Can’t wait to read the sequel to king. I think that book is my favorite.


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