Misery is awful company!

Despite so many heartbreaking moments in and around my life, I am ever so thankful for the power to move past what I can’t change. The past is what it is and I choose not to allow history to repeat itself by constantly bringing a dead bump to a head. (Crazy metaphor, I know) Let’s be real. Something sour or just plain ugly that happens to a person feels like a sore or bruise. Whether it’s a bruise to the ego or an actual bruise that is visible to the world. Nevertheless, it leaves remnants behind in the form of a scab.

Now if the proper treatment is not applied to the wound it can become infected. Infected wounds ooze nastiness and become very unappealing to look at. Continuously poking, prodding, or rubbing the wound will eventually prevent it from healing.

In this manner of speaking, the medicine would be in the form of forgiveness and ignorance. When I say ignorance, I don’t mean be a doormat or play like it never happened. What I mean is start fresh, from scratch as if you needed the instructions broken down to you in laymen terms, then rebuild from the ground up. Educate yourself on how to rediscover yourself outside the hurt, pain, and/or betrayal.

Invoke the spirit of move on… (In my own words)

Why dwell on what can’t be changed? If it were possible to change time and rewrite history, we wouldn’t have a need to be redeemed for our mistakes.

Quit letting others dictate your attitude, gratitude, or actions and reactions. A negative attitude can be the added ingredient to an already fragile situation. In some cases, we should be thankful for the distraction given for us to get our lives in order. Although we might not always agree with what path is laid before us, but if it is meant to be done that way, who are we to disagree? Every action does not deserve a reaction.

Lastly, it’s not worth the struggle to hold grudges. If it’s too easy for you to hold onto, you may need to seek higher council quickly. I guarantee the negative speakers in your ear are cuddled up with misery, content that they have dragged you right along with them. Why share a bed with darkness when waking up in the light feels so much brighter, freer, and less crowded?

It’s so much easier to be happy than to walk around with a constant chip on your shoulder regarding certain topics. Anger, stress, and pure ugliness shortens your life span. Remember fake happiness or that moment of indifference hurts worst than just dealing with the issues at hand and moving forward.

Vent, pray, fast, write, meditate, forgive, apologize, and most importantly GROW… Time heals all wounds and growth is the difference between the old and the new.

Happy Sunday! Join worship service somewhere even if it’s Bedside Baptist Church. Christians are on television too.

Be blessed… ~Nappyredd30~



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