One year Anniversary!!!

This is a very special moment for me. My official anniversary day was May 22nd but I am just now getting a free moment to blog about it.

One year ago on the above date, I decided to get my starter locs installed. In the back of mind I wondered would I give up and change my mind before my hair locked completely, I’m so happy to report I did not give up. Although my re-twisting appointments with myself have not been as consistent as they should have been, something is better than nothing.

I have been doing my research on a regular basis to see what products are best to do and what not to do. Pinterest has turned to a girls best friend, seriously. I have recipes for homemade twist gel, twist wax, and even an accelerator spray. There are so many different blog posts that will help me to keep them soft without the use of conditioner that may hinder my locking process.

I am determined to show my hair the love I used to when I first went natural in 2007. Over the years I have seriously been slacking in the attention department. Once upon a time, my hair was my hobby, my other full-time job, and dang near an obsession at times. Constant pictures, updates, and posts about regimen changes were made on my fotki page. With years of documented love towards hair in general but just like all hobbies, other things kind of push them to the back of the mind.

So many times I have attempted to get back into documenting my growth, color choices, styles, and different regimens but I fall off all over again. (BOOOOO)

“I have got to do better…”

Can y’all believe that I used to do hair for a living? LOL… So they say, people who do hair are the last ones to want to do their own. That statement couldn’t be more right on when describing your girl. (guilty as charged)

With all the above being said, I made myself show myself some much-needed love. I not only gave myself a good shampooing with herbal essence’s, ‘The Sleeker the Butter’ (smells so good), I did a much-needed Apple cider vinegar rinse. It has literally been a while since I did one of those; I could tell the difference instantly with my hair. After I was good and clean, DH helped out a great deal by clipping my ends for me. (Gotta love that man right there).

Once all of those crazy ends were removed, that caused my locs to look a little ratty, it was time to spray it down with the accelerator concoction I found on pinterest. Instead of using the self-made gel I normally use, I decided to use the Jamaican Mango & Lime Wax Resistant Formula. I will go into detail with my opinion on gel versus wax in the next blog post. I will just add that there is a big difference.

Even with a nice pile of hair being snipped off, I still have some nice length. I even shaped up some of the ones that were a bit unruly. From where I started, they are still very cute to me. I love them just as I did when I first started them last year, if not more. Take a look at my hard work. Tell me what do you think?

One Year Loc-anniversary


My color has lightened quite a bit, I want more red but we will see. As you all can see, that new growth was a mutha-sucka. It almost looks like I was starting all over again it was so much. A product review and comparison posts coming soon.

Until next time folks… Peace, Love, and Nappiness!!!

Much Love ~ Nappyredd30

1 thought on “One year Anniversary!!!

  1. WONDERFUL!!!! Very informative and helpful to both naturals and dreadheads…


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