I recently had an in depth discussion with DH over jealousy. Not in the sense of jealous spouses or significant others but the petty jealousy type. 

Jealousy any way the cookie crumbles is dangerous but this type of jealousy has pettiness added to the mix. Petty jealousy that has something negative in mind about every blessing unless their name is on the receiving end. Even then, there could be some smoke in the city if the name isn’t written in lights, with a band, and an after party. 

In my opinion, this is by far the most dangerous. Looking at news coverage on so many heinous crimes committed all around the world. Some of these crimes can be related to just plain old hate crimes but those with reasons being envy are something on a personal level. 

Thankfully, some culprits don’t go that far but isn’t it just as bad to choose petty over happy? Shouldn’t it feel just as rewarding to congradulate another person for an achievement versus tear them down? What’s even sadder is that these individuals tear down, bad mouth, and disrespect what should be a blessing to all? 

Recognizing blessings with a clean heart makes your blessing that much sweeter. So what if Joe Blow got the promotion before you, maybe that isn’t the promotion our Lord and savior had in store for you. 

Look at it like this, if the Lord meant for everyone to receive the same blessings, favor, and mercy, why make us different? If he wanted us all to make the same life choices we would all have the same profession, at the same time, riding in the same car, looking like some dang double mint twins. (Sorry stepping out of the pulpit) 

The only likeness we have that was specifically instructed by God is that we follow his commandments, praise his holy name, put no other before him all to make it to the meeting. 

When your name is called, when it’s time to take your journey down redemption lane, what will your history say? What spots will remain in, on, or around your heart? 

Throughout life’s tedious journey, we are not expected to be perfect but we are expected to try. Have you done all you can do to make sure your in the number? 

Is it so hard to pray for others as we pray for ourselves? 

Wouldn’t we want prayer from others? Granted all prayers may not be wholehearted but our God is a thorough God, I’m pretty confident he won’t pay attention to ugliness. I have heard this saying countless times; ‘don’t pray for me cause I don’t know who you pray to.’ Although it’s a funny statement, I have never known the Lord to bless foolishness, and wishing ill-will to another person is straight foolishness. So whoever prays for us, whether an honest attempt or in straight contempt, we are covered in the blood. 

Psalm 40:14 May all who want to take my life be put to shame and confusion; may all who desire my ruin be turned back in disgrace.

Proverbs 24:17 Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice

As the song goes, “I pray we all be ready.” Lesson from this season to the next, don’t be stingy with our prayers and blessings. Share the wealth, there’s more where those came from. 

Alright y’all be blessed. Pray for me and I shall do the same for you. 

Much love… ~Nappyredd~ 

I pray we’ll all be ready

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