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“Cynthia, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.” Idris said when he approached the secluded area at the popular exclusive restaurant.

“Idris, I’m just glad you could fit me in with such short notice.” Cynthia stated with a dazzling smile.

“It’s good to see you as always.” He said.

“You too…” She responded letting the sentence hang there for a bit.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” He asked as he licked his luscious lips. Her gaze followed.

“Oh my, if I didn’t know any better I would assume you weren’t happy to see me.” She said with a giggle while digging for a response. Idris chuckled to himself thinking maybe he needed to end things with Cynthia; maybe she was getting too comfortable and reneging on their prior agreement.

“So, how long are you in town for?” He asked lacing his fingers together and raising a brow completely ignoring her previous statement. Her smile instantly dropped.

“Just for tonight, I am needed in Milan for a show in two days.” She replied with a hint of ice.

“Hello Mr. King, would you like the usual?” The waiter asked.

“Yes that would be fine, and for you Cynthia?” He asked not taking his eyes off of her. ‘Normally confidence bounces off of Cynthia like a force field but tonight she is filled with uncertainty. Why was that?’ Idris asked himself.

“I should have known you were a regular here.” She said with a forced smile. “Tell me Idris, do you bring all of your conquests here?” She asked with a brow raised. Bingo, jealousy is consuming her. Idris couldn’t help but thank his lucky stars he had the urge to change their normal routine of ordering room service as they serviced each other to going somewhere semi-public. This just turned from an intimate dinner to a bon voyage meal. “I would like a white wine please.” She stated, the waiter nodded and walked away thankfully not acknowledging her outburst.

“What is this really about Cynthia? I see something in you that I would have never piqued from you in a million years.”

“What-ever do you mean Idris?”

“Let’s cut the bull shall we. Say what’s on your mind.” He said. She regarded his statement for a while before she looked away from his penetrating stare. She sighed for dramatics. ‘Here it comes’ Idris thought to himself, he inwardly groaned. ‘Why does this always have to happen to him?’

“Do you ever think about settling down Idris?” She blurted out. There she said what was on her mind. She couldn’t help but cross her fingers, toes, and wishing she had a rabbits foot or something to rub for luck.

“Since when do you want to settle down Cynthia?” He answered with a question of his own.

“Answering a question with a question, tsk-tsk.” She tried to regain some of her composure.

“It’s not in the plans as of right now and again I ask since when do you want to settle down?” He asked already growing extremely bored of this conversation. Just then the waiter came back with their drinks and took their food order. Once the waiter was out of earshot she started back up.

“I know what I said before about not wanting to settle down and that may have been true then but things change.” She adamantly stated with a shrug.

“This is very true, things change every day. The leaves change from season to season, hell I change my briefs everyday if I choose to wear any, but one thing that hasn’t changed is my choice to settle down.” Idris stated with finality.

“But you have a mate, Idris. What then?”

“Yes but my mate is not you so where exactly is this going?” That came out harsher than he planned but it was the truth. Why sugarcoat it?

“You are such a DICK.” Cynthia said while shaking her head in disgust.

“I apologize for my harsh tone but the fact of the matter is that you are not nor will you ever be my mate. It doesn’t work like that and you know it. I am just stating the facts. We had an agreement when we first started… hooking up but now you want to discuss mates and settling down. I’m not interested.” Idris said and took a sip of his drink letting the thick dark liquid sooth his ruffled hackles.

“I just thought that…” She started and then trailed off. Idris wasn’t going to push her to continue because he felt like he was beating a dead horse. “I found my mate.” She blurted out. Now that he didn’t expect to hear.

“Well congratulations!” Idris said trying to show support but the shock on her face showed something else. “Correct me if I’m wrong but that should be a good thing, right?” He asked with confusion at her pissed off face.

“Actually I thought about rejecting him.” She said more like whispered but with his increased hearing he heard her loud and clear.

“Why would you do an idiotic thing of that nature?” Idris exclaimed. “You just expressed your need to settle down and fate has made that possible.”

“But I don’t love him.” She sighed.

“You will learn to. He is one of us right?” He asked unsure.

“Yes he is.”

“Then the bond will grow strong.”

“But I LOVE YOU!” She shouted.

“I know I may sound like the biggest prick right now but the feeling is so far from mutual it’s pointless to finish this conversation.” Idris finished his drink and laid enough money on the table to cover everything with a substantial tip. “I think it’s best if we say good bye now. Go to your mate.” Cynthia wanted to protest but no words would come out. Idris stood and gave a final kiss to the forehead before exiting the private room.

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  1. When will king 2 come out


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