The Crew Series

Love Drug

Nicole “Nikki” Davis is a 24-year-old plus sized beauty with certain insecurities. She is what some may calla simple beauty but can be hardcore if pushed, sweet on the inside with hard shell on the outside. She is kind and generally enjoys pleasing those around her whom she cares for. Although Nicole has the qualities to be considered as wife material, she has no love interest and not many opportunities knocking at her door.

Broderick “Brock” Walker is a 32-year-old complex thuggish pretty boy if ever there was one. He is not the typical thug; he takes pride in his appearance so no sagging, slouching, and grimy look for him. Just by his appearance, he is the epitome of the saying; there is more to this book than just the cover. Because of a messy break-up recently from a long-term girlfriend, who does not know when to give up, he is not interested in another relationship at the moment.

Mo’ Better

Gwendolyn “Gwen” Myers is a down to earth around the way girl that modern day society would call a tad overweight but luckily she doesn’t live by today’s thoughts on personal appearance. She loves her friends and family but she has a phobia of relationships. The only long term relationship that she values is the one she shares with her best friend since elementary school. The first real boyfriend/girlfriend type of relationship quickly turned sour when she realized that she was basically the butt of a cruel joke. When she finds out that her teenage crush has feelings for her as well will she let go and live or will she shut down and cancel Christmas?

Darryl “D” Rodgers thinks of himself as a straight forward no bullshit type of man. He is 33 years old and has no intentions of settling down with anyone short of the one girl he has had eyes on since his cousin started bringing her around 9 years ago. He knew he was too old at the age of 23 when they first met and he was hell bent on not becoming one of those old dudes that cruise the high schools trying to pick up little tenders. After all he is a grown man and is into grown men things so if it is meant to be it will be. Once the door opens to pursue this youngster when she is of age will he take a chance or did the moment pass?

Questionable Intentions

The OVC also known as the Orange Valley Crew has a motto of money, drugs, power, and respect. To them those are the most important things in the world and in that order some of the time. This special group has their sights set on a certain opponent who has caused their once untouchable empire to crumble under the leadership of their MIA leader Sean Livingston. Revenge is a powerful weapon against even the strongest competitor but adding greed to the mix and it’s a recipe for straight up disaster, but for whom?

Broderick Walker better known as Brock hung up his dirty gloves from the past to live the simple yet comfortable life of husband, dad, son, brother, friend, and business owner. With his family and TRUE friends by his side the past is exactly what it is, the past. Although he has tamed the ugly, mean beast that lies underneath his cool calm exterior, old habits still tend to die hard and senses never dull but lie dormant like a disease itching to resurface. When old enemies show their ugly heads, how will he react?

When this group makes Brock public enemy number one and all that is close to him what will the outcome be? Who will walk away victorious?

All copies of ‘The Crew Series’ is available on Kindle, Nook, and paperback.

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