Blaze Excerpt


If Kaydence knew then what she knew now…? As she sat back and reflected over the past three years and how hard it continued to get, it made her mentally sick. The thought alone of everything would have probably killed a weaker person. Never in a million years would she have dreamt that her mother would actually turn her back on her completely. Nate had all but called her a nasty whore to her face, she found out she was pregnant, and was already on punishment. So she thought what else could go wrong? Thinking about it now that was a stupid question to ask because it indeed got worst.

Upon walking onto the street where she lived with her strict mother, she found that her mother had beaten her home. Right then she knew she was screwed cause she should have been home a long time ago. Timidly she trekked into the house to find Geneva in the living room sitting on the couch with not a sound whatsoever coming from anywhere in the house. The hard glare she received, she confirmed that she was in deep shit. What came out her mouth was not what she expected. Thinking that she would just rant and rave about her whereabouts, she couldn’t have been more wrong.


 “Are you really pregnant?”


 “So it’s true… you got yourself knocked up by that no good thug?”

“…How did you find out?”

“A very reliable source. The same source that hip me to all of your little conniving schemes. I thought I was on time but I guess I was wrong again. I didn’t want to believe this though. Where have you been Kaydence?”

“I went to tell Nate.” Kaydence decided to just be honest. The cat was already out of the bag.


“And what?”

“The fact that you’re standing her looking like a lost puppy, I can only assume he doesn’t want anything to do with you. Are you even sure it’s his baby?”

“I haven’t been with anyone else.”

“Oh I highly doubt that but you lie so much I don’t know what to believe anymore.”

“I’m not lying about this.”

“I don’t even care about that to be honest. I will schedule you an appointment at the clinic for as soon as possible. Do you even have a clue how far along you are?”

“Five weeks according to the nurse.”

“Good we caught it early. You still have options.”


“Yes options. I know you don’t think I’m taking care of this baby, do you?”

“No cause I will take care of my own baby.”

“Bullshit. How? You live here. Do you have a job? Hell do you have a car? Do you have anything to give to this demon seed?”

“My baby is not a demon seed!”

“Don’t you raise your voice in my house, have you lost your ever-loving mind?”

“I will find a way. I will get a job but I’m having this baby.”

“The hell you are.”

“I’m not having an abortion. You can’t make me. It’s my choice not yours or anyone else’s.”

“You poor delusional little cunt, you think he will come back. You thought having his baby would make him stay. His kind never stays.”

“It’s not for him. This is a living being and I won’t kill it.”

“Either you get rid of it or you got to go.”

“But mama, how can you put me out?”

“Easy, either have the abortion or fend for yourself and your bastard. It’s simple.”


“Where the hell are you going?”

“Away from here.” Kaydence walked out and never looked back until she came to retrieve her belongings three days later.

End flashback…

That day Kaydence walked away from her controlling, over protective mother, and into a world of uncertainty. The only place she could think to go at the time with no phone and on foot was Tisha’s house. If only she had known she would have been screwed over by who she considered as a sister, she would have took her chances with walking the streets. The events of that night fortunately no one else knows accept the nurse that took care of her and her cousin, Nadia. Still they only know what she divulged to them. Nate’s name became obsolete, she never spoke it again. Thankfully she had a peaceful pregnancy even throughout the turmoil that was going on around her.

Geneva stayed true to her word and didn’t bat an eyelash when Nadia drove Kay over to get her clothes. Nadia explained to her aunt as nice as possible that what she was doing in so many words was wrong. Geneva wasn’t trying to hear that at all even coming from her favorite niece. Even her own mother told her she was dead wrong for putting her only child out with no assistance at all. Nadia offered to let Kay stay with her as long as she finished school and tried her best to do right by her child. The events of what happened at Tisha’s house was never brought to a full head. Kay refused to go into grave detail therefore no charges was brought about. The nurse still kept in contact with her until this day as an extra auntie of sorts for her son.“>BLAZE

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