Freedom Friday

Freedom is one of those broad words that describes so many aspects of life. So many ways to express our freedom. Freedom from bondage, prisons, marriages, toxic relationships, dead-end jobs, from an illness or addiction, and the list could go on for some time.

Today I plan to address the freedom of speech. Of course it’s the American way to say what we want, how we want, and sometimes when we want but at what cost?

Being a writer is taxing as well as liberating. To have the ability to showcase your talents to entertain on a platform that has no end. Embracing the act of being an ‘Author’ can set you up and open you up to some harsh ridicule. It opens the door for the naysayers that only set out to criticize and I don’t mean constructive.

Opening yourself up as an artist online or to the public in general opens the door for reviews on your work to spread like wildfire.

I’ve come to the realization no matter how hard a person works… No matter how much effort they put into creating quality work… No matter the blood, sweat, tears, and money is invested… You just can’t please everybody. You will reach those readers or consumers who see past the minimal mistakes to see the creativity in the project. Then you will receive the contradicting reviewers that both hate and love the project. ‘I give it a five star review but it’s not that good.’ HUH? And lastly, there is the it was so ‘unbearable’ to read and they go on about how your work lacks compared to this author or that author. (Wait, WHAT?)

Taking into consideration that no one’s work is perfect I don’t care how big of a name an author, writer, or artist has. No matter how many people are on the payroll or the fact that they are backed by a major organization, mistakes still happen. I have read books by some famous authors that still have some grammatical mistakes and/or errors period.

Again freedom of speech… I get it. They are the consumer and they have the right to voice their opinions. My question is; when does it become just bashing and not an honest review?

In the beginning of my writing career, it was clear I didn’t know the first thing about editing. I wasn’t clear on what tense to write in, so on and so forth. Investing in editors was a costly detail all on it’s own but alas I digress. The crazy thing about this dilemma is, the more books I wrote and started to invest in an editor is when the reviewers claim my work is poorly edited. (wait after and not before, huh?)

The confusion is so dang real right now!

Where they do that at?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

All these thoughts and sayings come to my mind when reading some of the reviews. Then I get those that actually make my day with an unbiased review mind you because I don’t know them from a can of paint. It’s ironic how people you hardly know can either make or break your spirit as easy as submitting their opinions.

Again freedom of speech. (I get it!) But what happened to ‘if I don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.’ (My motto)

I read a lot. (repeat) A LOT! Coming across reads that are a bit interesting to say the least, I just push through to the finish or throw it to the side. Real simple but bash the artist to be sure no one else even bothers to give it a chance, I don’t. I choose not to. Mainly because I believe everyone should get the opportunity to explore and draw their own conclusion. Everything is not for everyone and you just cannot please them all.

With that being said and my ranting mind has calmed down a bit, check out my new release. In my opinion it’s a good read but you be the judge. Until next time.

Much Love ~Nappyredd30~


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