Thirsty Thursday

On this glorious Thirsty Thursday I am eager to tempt and quench your thirst with this new release. Quite a few have already gotten a tickle of the story during its live writing process on wattpad. Since going into the editing process, I realized there were some things missing and some answers that I desired. Putting myself in the readers shoes, there were some relationships I was curious about. How they started? Where they met? Who did this? Who did that?

The official release day was Tuesday for eBook and paper back. Thankfully it hit the ground running. The stats have been phenomenal and the first review has already broken ground. There’s nowhere to go but up.

Take a look-see at what you may be missing out on.



What price is too high to pay for another person’s debt?

Allison Myers was married to an amazing, successful African-American man with a strong case of alpha male syndrome. This man swooped in and saved her when her life was near an all-time low. Growing up in foster care, the finest of things was never within her reach. Meeting Derek Myers was like a dream come true until reality struck. The wealthy and successful don’t always have it all together.

The monster within her dear husband reared its ugly head before the ink was dry on the marriage certificate. Violence, cruelty, and humiliation makes fighting for independence a bust seeing she had no one to turn to for guidance nor assistance. One dreadful night rocked her world to the core being snatched from her home and introduced to a man far more dangerous than her husband could ever dream of being.

The man whose last name she carried had just sold her soul to the devil.

For what purpose would be later determined.

Official cover IP
‘Indecent Pawn’
‘Indecent Pawn’

‘Indecent Pawn’ is now available on Nook, Kindle, and paper copy also available.

When two unsuspecting adults are forced to be near one another due to unforeseen circumstances what will the outcome be? Business dealings somehow cross paths with wanton actions sending these two somewhere that only dreams normally would. Outside forces threaten everything in and around them. This outcome you won’t want to miss out on.

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Until next time. I hope I could tickle your thirst nerves a bit.

Much Love ~Nappyredd30~


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