Mind-Blowing Monday…

Today is one of those days that initially started off as a day of determination for me but soon morphed into a day of mourning for our family has suffered another loss. Being the third in less than a year and time just really not being on my side to see this person one last time, well you could probably fill in the rest. Moving around today was a serious hurdle to cross but I refused for it to stay in that department. Remembering all the fun times we shared when I was younger, well it was melancholy but through some serious soul searching, the Lord shed some light. At least she was not hurting anymore. That should be enough to turn anyone’s tears of sorrow into a calming state of being.

Loss is never easy but remembering that joy is coming… (Don’t miss your praise break or your shout)

So today turned into more of a testimony than anything else. Reminiscing this morning after hearing the news, I realized something I hadn’t thought about in years. My aunt was one of those pivotal points in my life where I actually developed my passion for writing. Being that I have lived quite a bit over those years, it took today to remind me. It all started out with something as simple as song lyrics and then transitioned to writing short stories that I compared to dreams or fantasies I had. Either way she was there and I owe her for that. As we so often tend to overlook, ‘giving the ones that paved the way their flowers while they are still here’ is very important.

This being one of those days where I am both saddened and humbled, it gives me great pleasure to dedicate my start out the gate to my aunt, Shirley Ruth Parks. Thanks for helping me even before anyone including you, knew what was to come.

Psalm 119:50  “My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.”


Tomorrow is a new day. Keep us lifted up in prayer.

Much Love ~Nappyredd30~

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2 thoughts on “Mind-Blowing Monday…

  1. So sorry about your loss. Hope it all works out in due time! Make sure that you take the time to mourn properly and worry about your health. Don’t work too hard!


  2. My condolences to you and your family


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