Teaser Tuesday…

As I have stated in the last few blogs with updates to my writing status, I was working on three books at once. Well, I have completed one. Completed the cover, editing, formatted it for publishing, and now it’s been submitted for review. <fingers crossed>

It’s off to the second WIP. The name of it is ‘Trampled Heart’. I decided to tap into my romanctical side. (made up words that’s how I roll) Due to a day of writer’s block, I started to work on the covers for the next three releases. That was one of those, “let me high-five myself” days. Although I couldn’t write, the creative flow to help me complete three covers was the icing on the cake. The sweet release on the inside is the perfect cake recipe. This is about to be something else.

So today on this wonderful ‘Teaser Tuesday’ I am going to give a sneak preview of my upcoming book.

Trampled Heart ~ WIP
Trampled Heart ~ WIP


Neykole “Kole” James is a twenty five year old single mother of two. Having more unsuccessful relationships than healthy ones, she is leery about the opposite sex. Liars, cheaters, manipulators, and hypocrites surrounded her on all sides. Other than the love from her children and close friends, she considers herself unlovable. The constant assumption that no man would ever want a ready-made family was drilled into her head before she left her home town of Little Rock, AR. With the assistance of her childhood friend, she moved to a new place to start anew. Leaving behind family, her son’s father, and a bucket load of other drama that she wanted no parts of.

A real life fatal attraction mixed with a terrible episode of Jerry Springer influenced her to leave the state and start over. Colorado was a place for a new beginning and she was determined to give her children better. No matter the lack of support she received from those who were destined to love her unconditionally, she strived to rise above all adversities. To surpass the nay-sayers whom claim she has thrown her life away with awful decisions, Neykole has a strong-mind and will to make her supporters proud.

A chance run-in with a school mate, brings forth a fondness she had sworn she was over. Just seeing his face, although a bit older, brought everything back full swing. The problem is he never noticed her then so any chances of her being noticed now was next to impossible. Taking into consideration that she had kids was even worst. Fate was definitely not on her side.

Is it possible to find love despite being disregarded more times than none? Will her personal inhibitions hinder her ability to fling caution to the wind and embark on new beginnings? 

Well there it is, the scrumptious cake that I am working on. Tell me what you think. I am always interested in constructive criticism. It’s good for the soul.

More to come. Be blessed!

Much Love ~Nappyredd30~

4 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday…

  1. Can’t wait to read this story and add my two cents (sometimes a quarter) to it!

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