Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday y’all!

Today is the day that we should all be humbled. Today is the day our savior Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins. It was only the beginning for the end has not come.

Normally this is the day that everyone is super excited because businesses are closed and schools are out. It’s about the last chance to shop for Easter gear with folks running around like headless chickens. It’s the jumpstart for Easter weekend. Clothes, Easter egg hunts, candy, dinners, trips to the beauty salon, nail shop, and most of church services will be in full swing. The pews with be packed with the holiday rollers. (Y’all already know. No judging here)

I remember coming up and getting all excited for Easter to roll around. There was no doubt I was going to get a new dress, new patent leather shoes, large ruffled socks, with a hat and gloves to match. Along with a large Easter basket that stood as tall as me. Spending Saturday evening getting my hair pressed so I can wear it down for a change. (Hated that part of the preparation)

The grueling practices on Saturday mornings into the afternoon preparing to say our Easter speeches in front of the whole church. Being at a country church that pretty much stuck with tradition, we probably said the same speech every year. I know a couple of speeches I definitely repeated a time a two. All the kids sat together during church service all itching for the benediction to be said so we could find those eggs. Back then it was nothing but money eggs. <SIGH> those were the days.

That was the life for a child. Traditions have changed just a smidgen. Now a day’s kids don’t get as excited about Easter and that’s understandable because grown-ups that were once the kids don’t view it the same.

In my opinion that’s both a good and bad thing. For one, it is time out for the commercialization of holidays that were once brought about as a day of worship. I’m pretty sure the Lord could care less if we showed up in the outfits we wore three weeks ago. We need to give our kids an accurate recount of why Good Friday should really be celebrated not just because they get a break from school. The full breakdown of what Easter is all about, not just that we get dressed up and have a special program outside of the normal worship service.

Church is going to be church, the pastor is going to speak about the same. Basically every congregation in the world will hear an Easter sermon but how much do our kids really listen. After all it’s almost the same every year. It’s our job to break it down so as they can pass it along to the next generation and so forth.


Good Fri·day

The Friday before Easter Sunday, on which the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is commemorated in the Christian Church. It is traditionally a day of fasting and penance.

“On this Good Friday may we never forget the true meaning of Easter – ‘For when He was on the cross, I was on His mind.” – Unknown

Be blessed everybody.

Much Love ~Nappyredd30~


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