Pass the Peas…

Terrific Tuesday All…

The presence, spirit, power, and blessings of the Lord is here… As always its a blessing to see another day.

I thought the most appropriate way to represent on this Terrific Tuesday is to tickle the eyes of the avid readers with a recap.

Eight books in and I am still pushing steadfast in a positive direction. I am very excited to announce that book number nine will be available at an outlet near you soon.

Without further ado let’s revisit Vows of Deception.

If you have not already purchased it, mosey on over to amazon or barnesandnoble to grab your copy. You won’t want to miss out on this banger. Open forum discussion coming soon.

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Pass the peas like they used to say… On one of my favorite Martin episodes they had the Pass the peas like they used to do and that song is just funny to show out to. The James Brown one is more of how I’m feeling right now. The song basically was about what makes you happy. It took me a bit to research that but whatever…

Writing makes me Ha-aa-ppy… LOL…

So this is the Pass the Peas post…

Do you know someone who enjoys reading racy romances? Thicken plots of love, lust, lies, and more dirt than you could find at a laundry mat?
Gift, recommend, pass along this riveting Urban Fiction Novel…

“Vows of Deception”

Beautiful bridal bouquet in the hand of an African American bride

Available through all major channels.

Danielle and Lamont Graves have a wonderful marriage to outsiders. He is very attentive, loving, and affectionate towards his wife of five…

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