MIA for a good reason, this time I promise. I am currently working on three books at once this go around. Although I really tried to refrain from doing that but I realized it actually feels better. My writing eagerness was beginning to dwindle quickly.

Don’t get me wrong I still love writing but something was just missing. So I decided to go back to the beginning. The basics. Where it all began… WATTPAD!!!

We will see what happens next. Anyone to everyone that follows the literary journey of Nappyredd come on through and check out my new live story.

Indecent Pawn



vote, follower, pass on, and comment…

As an afterthought, I am not done writing on my site. Just not this story.

Much Love


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2 thoughts on “WIP…

  1. Can we get like 2 chapters today please please please 

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  2. Can’t wait to
    read all 3 books

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