Am I doing something wrong?

Teach me how to pray…

Prayer is often a touchy subject for so many. Although we go to church every Sunday, sometimes Wednesday bible study, and attend the various group meetings on Saturday but what do we learn? Does going teach you what to say? Can we rely solely on others to pray for us? Uhhh nope…

It sounds good though. For me praying was always hard for I never quite grasped what to pray for, what to say, how long to pray for to be effective, & should I feel something afterwards. So many questions so many unresolved answers or just duh moments… If asked to pray aloud I stumbled over my words. Then I realized if asked to read aloud period I stumble. I get nervous, sweaty, fidgety, and lose my place. (True story)

The truth is that the answer was always right there in front of me. Be it in the form of my phone, tablet, laptop, or the real deal. The Bible.

Through an intense study period I ran across several scriptures on where I have my issues. The basics of the scriptures breakdown is to speak from your heart, whatever things that are inflicting your spirit at that point. Never forget to give God thanks for the blessings that have already taken flight in your life. It highlights the point of not praying long and loudly like the hypocrites that like to hear themselves ramble. When fasting and praying don’t broadcast it for sympathy, pity, or praise.

Another hangup has always and probably forever be my problem, I don’t want to seem ungrateful. (?) I know that sounds weird. By this I mean, my pride is too much at times.

It’s like I would be beating by the whip of my ancestors, tortured, or even ridiculed if I have to ask for anything from anyone. That is my cross to bear. (Guilty) Being prideful can be a blessing and a curse.

Asking in general for God to continue to bless my household, easy peasy. Asking the Lord for individual things, not so much. In my mind, I question, ‘do I only have a breakdown crying jesus when I need something.’ I often question are those the reasons so many things go astray in my life. I was guilty into believing that at first. I assumed I must be doing something wrong, right? (Wrong again Nika) I have discovered my faith is just on a constant testing cycle.

Thankfully my faith always rights itself with that gentle nudge and other times that strong push back in the right direction.

We as Christians strive to be pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. Although we fall short of his glory everyday, the overall desire to do right is never out of our grasp. The book is more accessible than in the older days. Modern technology brought the Bible along as well making it easier for the new age folks to stay on board. As long as that becomes a priority for them. My advice is to make it a priority.

I did! I do! And I will continue to do so!

The fact remains is that prayer indeed still works. I have learned that it’s not what you say all of the time from your mouth but the meditations of your heart can be just as powerful.

Be blessed. Stay blessed. And never stress. It’s only a test.


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