From my mind to your eyes…

Hypothetically speaking of course… A persons last day, hour, minute, and second on Earth they were given a flash run through their life. What do you think your life would show you? Would you be happy with the choices you’ve made? Will you look down on the decisions you’ve made and be truly disappointed within yourself?

We’ve all heard the saying ‘We’re living in our last days,’ for an array of reasons. Ranging from the seasons changing, mixing and mingling without warning all the way to people leaving this Earth by the dozens. I recall when I was younger how afraid I would be hearing the older people say things like that. Mind you, I am thirty-four so I have been hearing it forever. (NOT imagining any of this) Now, I am not so much afraid as I am cautious.

Cautious because I pray that I have fulfilled my destiny. My purpose on Earth, I pray that I have done all I could do to live by the plan laid before me. I accept the good with the bad. As the saying goes “You have to take the good with the bad.” Thank God, we have a forgiving God cause Lord only knows the mess I have created, been privy to, and so much more.

When you become a grown-up, accept life for what it is, see and go through so much, the initial fear tends to go away. Life is not promised this we know. The only thing we can do is live it the best way we can while we can regardless of the countless mistakes we have made. There are NO take backs when it comes to the decisions we have made. There are NO take backs for the words we have spoken. There are NO take backs for our actions and the wrongs we have done.

Where are you going with this chick? 
(If you all didn't ask, I will admit I did.)

Because there have been so many deaths around me, I can’ help but to reevaluate myself. My actions. My words. My reactions. My responses. My decisions. And most importantly how I appear to others. It is not my desire to be stand-offish, mean, or disinterested. Within myself I just have a low-tolerance for indecisiveness. That should be a disease within itself, just saying. Others lack of commitment but their expectations for another is unwavering.

My answer is:

1. Give as good as you take.

2. Don’t commit if you have no desire to follow through.

3. Think before you speak or act. (GUILTY, Pray for me y’all)

4. Forgive and move on. (Don’t hold on to that ugly until you make both parties and everything/everyone in the surrounding miserable)

5. Live life to the fullest. Kill the regrets (You can’t take it back anyway. Don’t stop living because you made mistakes in the past. Becoming born again does not mean you have to be a holy roller.)

6. MAKE DECISIONS!!! (Make them according to what’s right for you. Not because of what others say. Quit listening to the nay-sayers. Half of them still in the same situation as you and are making no plans to change them.)

Again this is only my opinion on life and as my DH, the minister sometimes makes reference to; this word may not have been for you but for the person next to you.

Until next time, be blessed, stay blessed, and bless others in the process.

Much Love,


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