Where is the remote?

Often times I wonder where the heck is my pause button? Stop button? Redo? Rewind? And sadly even the fast-forward button would come in handy?

Unfortunately those buttons don’t exist in the real world. Television, sure why not but day to day do-overs just are not logical. Yes the good Lord gives us another day to get it right or maybe try again and for that I am forever grateful. I just continuously add my short-comings to my prayer list in hopes that I get it right the next go around. Then when I get it right, it becomes a regularly scheduled program. (fingers crossed) As I have learned, all regularly scheduled programs comes with hiccups, program delays, and so on. This is the true kicker…

What if the only thing we are to get right is appreciating one day to the next?

What if the only thing we are really supposed to do is strive to be the best we can and not achieve absolute perfectness? (I think the real word is perfection but I like my funky lingo, Lol…)

Think about it, health issues always arises be it the small common cold or something serious. Some folks have given up everything familiar to end up broken from some unknown illness. Society beats it into a person’s head that we are to be physically fit or in some terms skinny, whereas there is nothing wrong with being on the thicker side of the spectrum. There have been studies where a slimmer individual has more health complications than a person a tad bit curvier.

In another breath, money could be just right. Right where you need it when you need it. Bills paid. No worries. And then FLOP… Something occurs. Be it big or small but the fact is that it is unexpected. The money may be there to take care of it but the point is, it happened when you least expected it.

As Christian teachings progress, parishioners should be reminded that we are not perfect nor does the Lord expect us to be. If so why would his only son die for our sins? Basically it seems to me that he sent him in advance as well as for the previous sins that God saw coming and going. Now where do we go?

Every single day on this fine Earth is a work in progress. Every day above ground is a huge triumph because he didn’t have to wake us. Every day not spent on the street, not hungry, or without no means to do better is a day of thanksgiving. Not the commercialized holidays that so many of us are guilty of expressing to our youth. The fact that it took ten years for us to see gas prices below $2.00 again, those of us blessed to have transportation should be shouting ‘THANK YOU’ from the roof tops. Although when it was almost $4.00 it was a struggle for most of us but we did what we had to do to survive. Striving to keep moving on paid off in so many ways.

What are we to do with our new found fortune?

Our country, our state, our city, our home, our car… Our relationships, churches, schools, and our very own lives may not be perfect. But it’s ours and for now we have been blessed with it. So we need to be thankful for it.

This post may have been nothing but a bunch of jibberish to the next person but for me it was more of an affirmation of faith. I find myself complaining about ‘how busy I am.’ ‘How much I have to do with so little time!’ I get frustrated when my mind won’t shut off and just enjoy the moment. Then while writing this, it became clear as day. My meditating mind took me away from my busy schedule run-down and reminded me to be thankful I have the ability to handle all that I have to do. Be thankful that God has given me the strength, endurance, and skill-set to handle the many hats that I wear. So many other places and situations I could be forced to be in. Yet I’m still here, willing, and able to do his will.

Next on the schedule of a busy wife, mom, writer, blogger, reader, friend, business partner, business owner, boss, DIY’er, and most importantly Christian is to get ORGANIZED. <insert blank face>

Stale Face


Live (live life to the fullest)
Love (love hard, as if it were a contest) 
Laugh (laugh often to shave off those frown lines, life is too short)
PRAY (pray for others as often as you pray for self).





2 thoughts on “Where is the remote?

  1. I totally agree. So many deal with these same issues and struggles of understanding. Thanks.

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