Part two of what to do…

As I have begun to realize, the same pattern of things over a period of time can become quite boring. Especially when it comes to hair. Sure there are countless different styles and options for a person with natural hair but how many times can those be done without going, blah? There are twists, twist-outs, wash & go’s, fro’d out, straw sets, straightened with a flat iron, and so much more. Over a course of six years I have just about tried it all. I cut it a number of times and started the growth process all over again. The color attempts didn’t quite stay either but it was fun while it lasted. My all-time favorite was the henna treatment. (Sarcasm 101) Although the effects of it was awesome the messy application and setting process was nerve-wrecking.

By no means am I trying to deter anyone from trying it but just be aware of the messiness that will follow. Wearing wash & go sets was next to impossible because my hair bled profusely. I don’t know if I applied it wrong or what. After the countless efforts in researching the product, I applied it just as instructed. However I only did it one time. The softness was there for a bit and the color I received was cute until it was all gone. Needless to say I did not go for a redo. Still the boredom was mind-boggling. I often questioned, ‘What to do, what to do?’

  1.  My choices were cut it all off and start a new teeny-weeny afro.
  2.  Continue on and try new styles. (Can’t braid, twisting against the scalp didn’t work out too well, and hair was too thick to roll.)
  3.  (My personal battle from within) Dread it up.


Applying a relaxer was never an option so that didn’t even tickle the list. The blow-out and silk straightening processes didn’t sound like a plan neither for they all required the use of some sort of permanent chemical process or cost too dang much. (Brazilian, Keratin, or whatever they were called) I even blogged about it. I slapped some braids in to bide me some time because I was literally neglecting my poor tresses. For months I rocked twists braids and box braids. In that time period is when I realized I want to loc it up. I was tired of the same ole same. It was time for a change. And God forbid I ever got tired of those. That was a no-brainer, I could just cut them off. I always loved my baby fro days anyway. It was so much easier to manage. Plus I always wanted dreads deep down from the very beginning it was just so hard to let go of the options with the free hair. Now that the options didn’t sound fun or cute anymore, curly hair had to go bye-bye.

 From past to present…

PhotoGrid_1421865338776 PhotoGrid_1421865594828 beforestarter locsApril 22, 2014 ~ Starter Locs intalled

Teeny-weeny fro to Red Dreads

Next up will be my hair growth updates from the time I had my beginner locs installed April 22, 2014 until my last re-twist which was January 17, 2015.

Stay tuned for what’s to come next in the natural hair world of NappyRedd! (I know, I’m so special but that’s what make me somewhat unique :))

Much Love


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