New Year… New Start…

It’s been a long time since I blogged period, let alone about hair or any natural care products that I am currently using. I have been a complete natural head since January 2008. In July 2007 is when my decision had been made for me that the creamy crack was not really where I should be. After an unsuccessful trip to the beauty salon, I needed to tighten up some of my curls in the crown area of my head. My hair was cut for the umpteenth time in the cutest short style. Mind you I was a faithful salon visitor. Every two weeks I was getting something done. As I was saying, I went to reach for a section of hair to give it a little bump with my curling iron and sadly came up flat empty.

<Insert Stale Face>

stale face

To say I was utterly pissed beyond pisstivity is an understatement. Now mind you, yeah I did say my hair was cut in a cute style but I did not however say it was a buzz cut. From the frayed ends and slant of the hair left, it was evident that it was burned off not cut. GREAT! (Note the sarcasm) That was my deciding point. That was the point in my life where all the contemplation on whether or not to go natural was made for me. I think what really fried my pickle is that nobody notified me that I was missing hair. Having gone to hair school later in the years, I even figured out what went wrong. So no doubt this person knew too. But as I always have a tendency of saying…

Things happen for a reason, be it good or bad.

I believe… (My opinion people…) I believe that the good Lord was giving me a sign. CUT THE CREAMY CRACK AND GO AU’NATURALE. And cut it I did. I started with the braids/cornrows to get by. Basically that’s called the transition period. To say I hated that period of becoming natural would be a another major understatement. If someone says it’s easy, they are awesome individuals. I wore transition styles for six months before taking down a set of braids to reveal a tangled, mangled mess. By the time I stopped cursing and dang near crying, my DH took the initiative to fix my problem. Did I mention he stopped watching a football game to do it? (He loves me, he really loves me. Lol) At the end of the night I had a cute little, teeny-weeny afro. I felt freer than I ever felt before. At that moment is when I felt dumb for falling into the stereo-type of having long hair or get talked about.

I had plenty of critics talk about me having short-short hair but it grew back so quick that the naysayers had to change their complaint to: “You need a perm.” “Your hair would be so long if you permed it right now.” “Isn’t that hard to comb?” “Doesn’t it hurt?” My personal favorite for the ones that actually got the privilege to touch it: “Ooo, it’s so soft. I thought it would be hard.” <STALE FACE>

Here it is 2015 and ‘I’m still together’ with my nappy locs. Now officially, my name NappyRedd speaks volumes but that’s a blog for another day. Needless to say, I love my hair. I love the ME that I am.

With that being said, I am ready to get back into the blog swing of things. I always have something on my mind to discuss but I never make the time to jot it down. Better yet in my case blog about it. So many great topics have slipped right through my fingers but I am fully prepared to get on a schedule to rectify that.

Stayed tuned to my natural journey… writing journey… hair growth journey… and spiritual journey.

Be blessed.


P.S. My transformation Tuesday. Never done it before but here we go. From a perm (correct term, relaxer) to starter Locs.



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1 thought on “New Year… New Start…

  1. I went natural in july of 2013 and I love my hair. I cut off 5 inches to go natural and it was all grown back within the year. I have always had thick hair but I love using mixed chicks, taliha wahid and shea moisture products they all work very well for me


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