Vows of Deception

Alright the day that I have been waiting for has finally arrived. It’s time to gather my secret readers for a test run of VOD. I want to catch the hiccups, bloopers, happy times and such of these interesting characters. In case some have missed the last posts, let me refresh your memories. One of the last posts I attached five possible covers for VOD because I didn’t know in what direction I wanted my cover to go in. Well the votes were finally tallied from three different outlets and the winner was……………………..



Beautiful bridal bouquet in the hand of an African American bride

That was nice. It let me know some folks are paying attention to my crazy posts and outbursts. <Clap, clap, clap, etc.>

Sometimes I know I can be so dang random. One minute I’m over the moon with my writing success and then another post will be me ranting. Let’s be real, we all know it’s apart of life that leads us to such turmoil within our own heads. But anyhooo….

It is time to update my beta readers list. If you are interested in taking a part in secretly reading VOD in its writing process, please drop me your name in the comments below with your email address attached. I will send email alerts to let you know when I have updated.

I would really appreciate it if you would comment after each chapter your thoughts even if you think it may not be favorable. I value honesty and the reviews of true readers that have an imagination. Oftentimes so many authors are compared to one another versus what does this author have to offer different from that one. If everyone wrote the exact same, how entertaining would that be?

I await the ones who sign up. Updates will begin tonight… 🙂 Holla at ya girl!

Much Love ~ Nappyredd30

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10 thoughts on “Vows of Deception

  1. I would love to be a test reader for vod


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