Vows of Deception

As I stated in the previous blog, I am so very excited about my new work. I gotta keep myself pumped. In case you missed the last blog with synopsis, here is a recap.

Danielle and Lamont Graves have a wonderful marriage to outsiders. He is very attentive, loving, and affectionate towards his wife of five years. Having met their senior year of college the two have been through it all together. While Danielle started her career as a psycho-therapist directly after graduating, Lamont had to start from the bottom working his way to the top. In the beginning things were tight, finances were few but with the love they had for one another, it made it all worth it.

An anonymous message leads Danielle on a wild goose chase resulting in her finding out about her dear husband’s constant infidelity. Instead of denying his wrong-doings, Lamont admitted he has cheated for two years out of the five they’ve been married. In his mind the logical excuse was he was bored and frankly wasn’t attracted to his wife anymore. With the weight of the world and a failed marriage, Danielle has a drunken night drowning her sorrows.

Heartbroken, devastated, lacking self-esteem, and loaded with negative debt Danielle has to pick up the pieces of her crumbled life. Assuming things couldn’t possibly get any worst, she was dealt the deadliest blow of them all. To stay above water with the countless credit card bills, foreclosed home, and repossessed cars holding her credit hostage Danielle is forced to take on a part-time job. 

Chance meetings, a knight without the armor, and apparent foes within her circle will make themselves visible. Will Danielle get over huge betrayals or will she allow bitterness to consume her rational mind? Can she allow love to live within her ever again?

Now normally I would write the story and then do the cover but this time it came to me a little differently. Although I have started writing the story and still working on it as we speak. I took a little break and started working on the covers just to see what all I could find. Well I’ll be doggone if I didn’t come up with the cream of the crop on this joint. I’m in love with them all but I need you as my sneak readers, fans, loved ones, and so much more to give your take.

Power People Poll… Let’s get it!!! In the comments I want you to type A. B. C. etc to cast your vote for the best cover. Of course it would probably be best to read the synopsis to be sure you get a connection. LOL…

I will be waiting to hear from you lovely people. Updates for the live story will begin soon.

A. Bride left in the dark
A. Bride left in the dark
B. Disturbed Bride
B. Disturbed Bride




C. Disgruntled Bride with folks riding her train
C. Disgruntled Bride with folks riding her train
D. Discouraged Bride with broken rings
D. Discouraged Bride with broken rings
E. Discouraged Bride with broken rings highlighted
E. Discouraged Bride with broken rings highlighted



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  1. B C D


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