KING has finally arrived…

Majority ruled. Well all those who voted and this is the final product of the cover of KING. I can honestly say that I love how it turned out. Everything came together. Now it’s officially released for the public to take advantage of the drama-filled pages of Idris and Monica’s story.

Several sneak readers expressed how much they enjoyed following the writing process of KING and now it is available for everyone to take a part in. For those who didn’t get an opportunity here is your chance.


Idris couldn’t help but feel extremely privileged to live the life he lives. He has the opportunity to spend time with some of the most beautiful women in all of London and even a few from other parts of the world. Being a twenty-six year old well educated CEO of King Security Professionals; he honestly feels he lives the life of a ‘king’ for sure. His father Albert King inherited the company from his father when he unexpectedly passed away. Albert was only nineteen years old. In turn Albert passed it on to his only son Idris once he returned home from college at the age of twenty-two. For four years, Idris has not only taken over for his father but has incorporated his new age training to expand the company to the 21st century.

He spends his days hard at work being the hard-nosed all about business professional but at night he is no ordinary playboy. He is the brilliant, suave ‘talk your granny out of her panties,’ most sought after bachelor. Standing at six foot four inches tall, muscular build, Idris could be described by some women of all persuasions as an Ebony God. Although that description sounds a little conceited, he couldn’t help but agree just a tad and see where they were coming from with that compliment. He has a blemish free complexion the color of silky milk chocolate, mysterious deep brown eyes, strong chin with a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee.

Idris’ outside appearance provides him the chance to live a normal life as any other human being but the inside beast that lies beneath is hidden from the human eye. He prefers not to date anyone that possesses the same inner animal as he because the female of his kind tend to be too clingy. Giving them the idea that since they share similar animalistic behavior that they would make the perfect pair to head the community he has inherited. Destiny however, has set aside one woman on Earth who is to stand alongside Idris but the stars has not presented this lone woman as of yet. That has not deterred many women into trying to persuade him to forget the one destiny has lined up and stick with familiarity instead.

KING ~ Paperback
Official cover
KING ~ ebook

New story coming soon…

Much Love ~ NappyRedd30

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