A. The cover that signifies nothing is above the King. Leaving the business side of being the Alpha with the suit and shades, glancing at the sky sniffing out what’s to come. Phasing into the strong, golden eyed black wolf with a light gray face. The King of London. King cover B. Strong, menacing, merciless Alpha King ready for whatever under the full moon. For the ones he loves, he will most definitely draw blood. pOSSIBLE KINGAs you all can tell, my 7th book, King has finally been completed. It’s time to pick a cover. I’m curious as to which one you all would drop everything in your shopping cart to pick up a copy of this instead. I value anyone and everyone’s opinion. So if you would be so kind as to make your choice and post it in the comments section of this post. Also can you give me a reason why you made that choice. One word descriptions welcomed.

The tentative release date for KING is December 13, 2014. Also that night, I will be having my very own release party for KING. Books will be sold with tickets as well as all the other books in the collection. ALL will be signed on the spot. If you are in the Little Rock area around this time please stop in and kick back with your girl. 🙂

September 19-20, I will have my very own booth at the BWABC Literacy Festival from 10-5. The festival will be held in Memphis TN at the Hilton Hotel.

Hilton Hotel, 939 Ridge Lake Boulevard

Other scheduled dates will be announced as they approach. I would love to put a face with an email or profile so come out if you are near any of these areas.

Currently I am working on the next book to be released. The name of it is ‘Vows of Deception.’ More info about this one coming soon.

In the meantime, stay Nappturally Sweet!

Much Love ~ Nappyredd30


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5 thoughts on “KING

  1. I like seeing the man and his beast, so I think the first one is better. Can’t wait to see what you have up your supernatural sleeves!


  2. I like the first one with man’s face


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