New Release… 2014

If you haven’t checked it out by now, you are missing the HEAT!

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Hey loves, just wanted to keep you guys posted on my progress. I know I have been MIA lately and for that I apologize. Blaze has been officially completed, edited, and published. So sorry for not updated again before I posted but the good news is for everyone who read the sneak preview, you are only missing one chapter to complete it.

Do not fret though, there will be a book two. Hopefully I won’t make the series too long and drawn out but for those of you who know my writing… well let’s just say you all know my characters have a mind of their own. With that being said, I look forward to all of you during the next live story process. Love you bunches and I’ll HOLLA!

BookCoverPreview blaze

Thanks for being patient with me guys.

Much Love ~Nika

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2 thoughts on “New Release… 2014

  1. Umm if you want to make the book “long and drawn out” go right ahead ur real and loyal fans will continue to buy ur books and support u I know for a fact u have a new fan In my mama.


    1. Thanks hun. I appreciate it. Tell your mom thanks as well. Much Love 🙂


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