God ain’t through with me yet…

As the famous Steve Harvey often states whether it’s in his comedy skit, former radio show, or his television show;

God ain’t through with me yet!

Life lessons have taught me a lot over the years. Whether it’s ‘be careful who you trust’ all the way to ‘think before you speak.’ People are in your life for a reason, a season, or for a lifetime. Friends are the family that we were blessed with and not born with. And the list could go on forever. Although I take the main ones I wrote to heart most of the time, some times I still backslide just a bit. But I don’t trip because ‘God ain’t through with me yet.’

My family recently suffered a loss, the outpouring of love, prayers, well-wishes, and a comforting ear from those I was blessed with were appreciated.

With the good, there will always come the trying par

ts. I won’t call it the bad because that sounds so ungrateful. I’m going to call it the ‘trying‘ parts because while a person of God tries to overcome tragedy, ugly tries to rear it’s head.

Selfish folks slithered out. Ungrateful folks ran out their welcome. Other folks mouths wouldn’t stay to themselves. So much picking happens to where it’s hard to keep your mouth shut at times.

Another lesson for me to learn to overcome, I have clicked, snapped, cussed, allowed myself to get upset, and so on. A family member of mine told me the other day, “Kanika you speak your mind all of the time. You don’t be caring what come out of your mouth.” He was being funny but also speaking a little of the truth for I am mindful what comes out of my mouth. I do often think before I speak but sometimes its a fleeting thought. LOL…

What I explained to him was that it takes too much energy to sensor yourself for other peoples benefit. In order to sensor yourself to spare others feelings when they didn’t give a flying fig about yours is a waste. It’s not that I am going to give an eye for an eye but if I run out of cheeks for you to slap don’t be mad if I slap you back. Just saying. I know it’s not nice but it’s how I feel. Am I perfect, NOPE. Do I strive to be, we all strive for a level of perfection. Will I ever make it, never because the only perfect being was the one who hung, bled, and died for our sins. So we would be forgiven for all we get wrong. I thank him in the morning, noon, night, and all in between. Cause only God knows, that he ain’t through with me yet.

Only my avid readers know how hard I work on my stories so reviews mean a lot to me. I feel I have grown throughout my writing journey as time has gone on. I now have an editor for as in the beginning I was trying to do it all by myself. Of course when you go that route you tend to miss stuff. Again I’m not perfect nor is any author out there. Mistakes happen. When I do get a bad review on one of my stories I take it very personally. True it’s that persons personal opinion, I get it. Where I get upset at is when the review contradicts itself. For instance:

4.0 out of 5 starsGood, but….., July 12, 2014
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Blaze: A thin line between the love of Blaze… (Kindle Edition)
The story line was good, characters well developed. My only problem…Who did the editing? There were entirely too many spelling and grammatical errors in this book. I had to read sentences more than once to get the true meaning. The author didn’t seem to know how to use the words “their” and “there”. That was extremely frustrating. If you can get past these issues, it’s a good read. Not sure I want to read another book by her though. Afraid of what I might get.

It was good enough to give it four stars but it was an unbearable read. WOW!!! So I went to investigate, searched for the ‘There’ and ‘Theirs’ of the story. As far as I can tell they were correct. I didn’t check every last one of them but if it was so bad why did you continue reading for one, me personally I would have gotten a refund immediately. Just my opinion. Two I honestly wouldn’t suggest she read anymore books because this was one of my best edited books. Mainly because I had a clean eye editing versus mine that tends to get distracted easily. Either way I politely commented on this persons review, needless to say she probably won’t be a return customer. 😦

Again I don’t speak to be malicious but my words can bite sometimes. Only because I may say some off the chart things, one thing I am not is a liar or hypocrite. Some folk might not totally agree with me but my opinion like my butt-hole is for me. Everyone has one, if it bothers you maybe you need to clean it. If that went over your head, think a little harder and you may get it. Clean butt, clean opinion… LOL…

Alright guys that’s my rant for today. I hope I entertained you, intrigued you, and if not you know what to do. Maybe it wasn’t for you. Smile, rejoice, and always be thankful for your joy for if he ain’t through with me he certainly isn’t through with you.

Have a blessed one.

MUCH LOVE ~ NappyRedd30

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