I’m Going Through Changes…

This song by Ledisi really suits me and has for sometime, I just wasn’t ready to admit it. I’m letting go… 😦

For so long I have contemplated over a decision of whether I would loc up or continue down the path of napped out/ fro’ed out bliss. I’ve gone through a number of different styles but none as permanent as dreads. Two-strand twists, flat twists, twist-outs, twist braids, Senegalese twists, poetic justice braids… TWA’s, big fro’s, wash & go’s, puff’s, low-pony’s, buns… A little color here and there but nothing saturated. Mainly because I wasn’t aware (before cosmetology school) that dark hair needed to be lifted before color could be added. I have always wanted to be a red-head. Why? Dunno…

I always stuck with my personal opinion that my fro was better and I didn’t want to loc up because I loved my fro so much. The convenience of being so flexible in styling my hair was important to me or so I thought. As the saying goes…

All good things must come to an end…

I grew bored with my hair. To me even that sounded so harsh, I didn’t want to admit to that out loud. After all I’ve grown quite fond of my natural tendrils. Trying to perfect going completely natural took some serious time and patience. Testing new products, making my own products from recipes found online, and many different regimens. In the beginning I tracked my hairs progress like a bounty hunter tracked his/her fugitive. Countless pictures and memberships on different blogs. All that work almost seems pointless now but that’s not the case either. Honestly it was obviously just a phase. A phase that has passed because the updates, pictures, and new experiments started to go MIA.

I figured it was time for some much needed updates. So the decision was pretty much made for me… LOC IT UP!!! It was either that or cut it off and I didn’t want to do that. It took me six years to tame this mass of curls. And that’s with trimming about 1-2 inches every year since about 2010. Along with starter locs, I have decided to add some color as well. NOT just any color but THE color. While I was already on the way to making some drastic permanent changes, why not do it all the way… RIGHT? Right!

Now my pseudo name will truly describe the picture of the person… Nappy_REDD… 🙂


I’m thinking about a darker shade of red to add on top of this but we will see… So far I’m in love with my new hair color and style thanks to my wonderful stylist. Plus my DH is loving his red-dread head… Get it!!! LOL…

Until next time… Deuces.

Much Love ~ The True NappyREDD ~

P.S. For all those who don’t know about Ledisi and feel where I’m coming from, take a listen.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Going Through Changes…

  1. I like the change i think red is going to be dope on you. I like the transition so far. Keep it up. I think once you get shades how you like and you start locking you will be FLY. Happy Locking!!!!!!!!


    1. Thanks hunny. I’m too excited already. Can’t wait til it hangs.


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