Blaze ~ Live Story (Discussion)

As an author I love all of my stories honestly. Some I am more partial to then others but for some odd reason Blaze is taking me back to my first love ‘LOVE DRUG’. It was my first story… raw story… urban story… forbidden love story… with a tinge of violence. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my love stories as well but it’s just something about the possibility of being straight up hood, doing the dang thang.

Blaze is touching on some serious topics, and for the record it is strictly fiction. All my imagination.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the comments and in-depth insight into the story so I thought why not have an open discussion forum for a bit. No expiration date. Let’s talk about Blaze, baby!

No questions are stupid questions.

No questions are off limits.

You can ask about me. You can ask about the characters. We could just talk randomly. You comment, I copy and paste it into the forum with my reply. Deal? Deal!

So what say the people?

HOW YOU DOING! <channeling Wendy Williams>



First up is Caligyrl22 – How long have you been writing and where does your inspiration come from. As for Blaze 1) Will Kay and her dead beat mother interact again? 2)Will Blaze father get the opportunity to snap his ex’s neck. 3) Will Tisha’s nasty tail be dealt with and why did her mother not reach out to Kay. I really enjoy this story, I’m ready for everyone to fill the wrath of BLAZE, especially his mother and Jerome.

I have been physically writing for two years now but the vision has always been there I just needed a little push. That push came in the form of my wonderful hubby. Basically he said “DON’T TALK ABOUT IT, BE ABOUT IT.” My inspiration for my stories are just life lessons mixed in with pure imagination. But without the love from my FRAMILY, I wouldn’t have the motivation, determination, and patience to do my very best.

1) Maybe I will let them have a brief interaction. We’ll see. You know how I do. I move where my mind takes me and so far her mammy hasn’t been written in yet. She was dirty for what she did.

2) That’s a thought. You just gave me an idea. We will see.

3) She will most definitely be dealt with, just pure skank! Karma bug is coming to nip that hoe in the butt. That’s a good question. Honestly Stacy had no way of getting in contact with Kay. She was MIA technically. Remember Kay didn’t have a phone until Blaze bought her one and her mom destroyed it. She didn’t stay with her mother anymore so her address wasn’t a secret but you had to see her on a regular in order to see her at all. For Little Rock to be so small, it’s still too easy to not be noticed unless you want to be.

Thank you Caligyrl22 for commenting. You give me hope that I can still keep an audience without WATTPAD.

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6 thoughts on “Blaze ~ Live Story (Discussion)

  1. Heyy! I’m a follower from wattpad! I was one of the persons that got the privilege of reading the last chatters of The Ultimate Fight. I’ve been m.I.a for a while so I didn’t get a chance to thank you and also let you know it was amazing! Now I would love to start on Blaze, so I’m requesting the password please =). . .can’t wait to read! Keep On


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