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Hey sneak readers. I just wanted to give you an additional sneak peak into the wonderful world of K. K. Harris aka Nappyredd-dirty-30. As most of you may know, I make all of my own covers. Some may say that if you want it done right you have to be willing to spend a little change, well I’m not to that point yet. My motto is, if I can figure it out then I’m going to try my best to do everything in house until I can get some major backing. So until then… boo-hoo, I’m doing it all.

Attached will be a cover I’m playing with to see what you guys think. I love feedback.

All rights reserved to K. K. Harris until further notice. Don't do it.
All rights reserved to K. K. Harris until further notice. Don’t do it. ~Blaze


Much Love ~ Nappyredd30

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1 thought on “Cover Idea…

  1. The cover looks good to me ;). Thanks for not picking from the generic pool of book covers. I don’t know if it’s a matter of cost, and if it is I’m sure as writers you want your work out there but seeing the same cover on ten different books can be a turn off. No fancy models necessary, just enough something to catch the eye and let the book do the rest of the work. Keep up the great work btw, In the last two months I’ve downloaded and loved four of your books and I’m patiently waiting more.


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