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Calling all book clubs, passionate readers, romance fanatics, drama casters, etc. The Crew Series is where you need to be. Interested in delving into the lives of a group of friends as they bob and weave through everything that comes with trying to pursue happiness.

Will they find love? Will they be able to hold on to the love that is found? Who will survive? How will life’s challenges affect their loyalty to one another? How deep is their love? Is blood really thicker than water?

So many questions that can only be answered between the pages of ‘LOVE DRUG’, ‘MO’ BETTER’, AND ‘QUESTIONABLE INTENTIONS’.

Book One of 'The Crew Series'
Book One of ‘The Crew Series’
mo better
Book Two to ‘The Crew Series’
questionable intentions
Book Three of ‘The Crew Series’

Available for purchase from the website

Amazon Smashwords Createspace iBooks Kobo

Grab your copies today! You won’t be disappointed.

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1 thought on “Hot Reads…

  1. Ok. So I’m a fan I’ve read those. What else you got. And when is it coming out. lol


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