When is enough…enough?

When is enough really, truly enough?

What is the one thing that will make you throw your hands in the air in surrender? 

We as human beings have a tendency to take, take, take, take which in turn results in us giving, giving, giving, and giving more to others. We take bullspit, we take less than what we deserve, we take empty promises, we take the abuse from others, and most importantly we allow others to take us for granted.

Those mistreated individuals give their kindness, understanding, love, affection, body, spirit, and even money. Constantly giving until the giving has been giving all out. Somehow there’s always just a little more to give and even the best con artist can get even the last drip of water from a dry well.

But don’t get it twisted, I’m not putting the victims on a pedestal by any means because as my favorite saying goes, ‘if you like it, I love it!‘ If the victim is steadily being had, used, left high and dry, they obviously like or their just a ‘glutton for punishment.’ For the user, that one person that constantly has their hand out, there is only so much any one person can take before they go smooth off. With that being said…

How long is too long to let someone use or leach off of you?

Be it physically, emotionally, mentally, or even financially…

I was watching ‘Being Mary Jane’ onDemand yesterday and I couldn’t help but feel extremely pissed off for Gabrielle Union’s character. She has a gang of people around her that always have their hand out. Not just financially… Oh no it’s way deeper than that. Whether it’s her friends pulling from her business wise, pulling her into their personal issues, and don’t get me started on the men. I felt kinda bad for her… 😦

Then I had to pop myself on the hand for always feeling sorry for others when in reality they can do something to change why their in certain situations. Be it a free-loading family member, irresponsible child, cheating spouse/companion, all the way down to a lazy employee/co-worker… none of them deserve your time, energy, or anger.

Yeah I said it your anger… It takes a lot of energy to be angry at someone. Studies show that it uses more muscles to frown than to smile. I am the queen of smiling on the outside but have ugly brewing on the inside. (I’m a work in progress) Nothing is going to change overnight but as long as there is a desire to change than the hard part has already been done.

Now I’m not going to sit up and front like it’s a female vs. male thing or vice-versa. Because we know that either sex can give better than they can receive. The disher of the bullspit is nine times out of ten the first one to dang near have a conniption, crying to anyone that will listen if they feel they have been done wrong. It’s that shoe on the other foot syndrome… They can’t handle it.

The one that is stuck as being the receiver of the bull is at fault to a certain extent because they don’t have it in them to tell the quarter-back to kick rocks, with no socks, or flip-flops.

Only my opinion, don’t shoot…

In closing, my thoughts are wake up and quit playing the victim… quit letting folks run over you, your feelings, or your wallet… quit allowing people to pull from your kind spirit… quit allowing folks to turn your positive into negative…

That’s my rant for today… I was feeling a little funky! I’m better now…

Much Love ~Nika~

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