Who is to blame?

Who is to blame, when a child misbehaves or acts out?

Who is to blame, when a spouse/companion steps out or lacks affection?

Who is to blame, when a loved one(s) express through actions their love is lessening or shows no love at all?


Why do we, as human beings, always feel the need to play the blame game

Whenever something is astray, we tend to try and change things. Some of us want everything, everyone, and every situation directly around us to be all-good. Often times it’s a true chore to make everyone like you, to attempt at making everything and every situation likable.

When a child acts out it is now a 50% chance that it’s not all on the parent(s) that the said child has become dang near unbearable. (yeah I said it, if you don’t agree that’s your opinion) It’s like the old saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make em’ drink.” That saying goes for chiren too, “You can show them the way but whether they follow your instructions is the mystery.”

There are so many “appropriate” parenting tools on how to effectively raise your child, effective disciplinary actions to take, and yada-yada-yada. Then when all of those fail, they recommend medication… WHAT? So they can be unproductive, zombie-like, emotionless creatures just roaming around with no purpose. Some kids are sick and that’s what helps, don’t let me knock it. Then there’s the vast majority that has no medical illness, they just don’t want to abide by the rules. The attention they get from being pure butt-holes is all they need to continue down the path of destruction.

The spouse/companion that steps out, nine times out ten the one disrespected will be blamed. The finger pointing ranges from: He/she didn’t show me enough attention, I just fell out of love, the other person gave me what I was missing, and (my absolute favorite) It just happened… What the heck just happened? I will tell what happened, Y’ALL READY? New booty happened, new opportunity happened, new infatuation happened, new attraction happened,  and the idea that the “old” ain’t going nowhere so let’s do this.

Don’t get me wrong, some folks actually are not meant to be together. Their seasonal relationship just ran it’s course but who is to say they were supposed to be together in the first place. Just because things sound so good in the beginning, the couple meshed together so naturally, and new lust (oops did I mean love…mmm?) is so potent that cupid needs to bottle it up to be sold… all that does not mean they were meant to last.

Lust is a powerful force in my opinion it’s like the little joker in a deck of cards. But LOVE is the most powerful, indescribable, remarkable force that will make the smartest person do the dumbest stuff imaginable. It is the Big Joker, the card that trumps every card in the deck. When a man/woman says “What if love is not enough?” Then my dear that means that love has been tested to that point of no return, that is when you feel you have done all you can do, that is when the damage is so deep that all the band-aids in the world couldn’t stop the bleeding.

Excuse my language for just minute: Shit on me once, shame on you… Shit on me twice, shame on me… You best believe if it’s a third time then I obviously just like to wallow in shit…

If you are a disrespected, always wrong, never recognized, invisible parent… I’m here to tell you, JUST LET GO AND LET GOD! Continue to pray for our misguided youth. Just chill out and wait until we are needed. Because baby, I know we will be needed one day. 

If you are a mistreated spouse/companion who never seems to get this thing called love right… JUST LET GO AND LET GOD! Quit searching for it and sho’ nuff quit putting up with BULL-CRAP because you don’t believe you can get better. Stand up put your grown folks panties/boxers on take your share of the blame as it is placed at your feet. As for the rest… hold your head high, chunk them deuces if you must, and do what you must do to get your happiness-mojo back in full swing.

Never let anyone/anything steal your joy that God himself has put into play for you…

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it… HOW YOU DOING?


1 thought on “Who is to blame?

  1. Wow real good question and the answer should be who ever let it slide, letting a child act up, or letting someone step out on you. Noticed I said the answer should be but a lot of times we like to blame everybody but ourselves and I’m guilty of it. We have to learn to own up to your mistakes so we won’t make them again and again.


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