Proper Support System

What’s the difference between having the proper support system and seeking approval of others?


: to agree with or approve of (someone or something)

: to show that you approve of (someone or something) by doing something

: to give help or assistance to (someone or something)


: the belief that something or someone is good or acceptable : a good opinion of someone or something

: permission to do something : acceptance of an idea, action, plan, etc.

Those are definitions from Webster Dictionary but how do we take those words and apply them to life.

Life experiences has taught me the hard way what the difference is.

Personally, I’ve sought out the approval of too many in my hay day. RECAP: I’m only 33 years old but my soul is a little older… LOL. I won’t even tap into that faucet because that rant could go on entirely too long. If you know me, you know me. BOOM moving on… 🙂

Just as the saying goes, ‘IT’S A THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE.’ Don’t take my words to heart when you read them, I don’t hate anyone or anything but I do dislike a lot of unnecessary situations. I think a lot of confrontations could be avoided if the chain dividing folks from repeating history and changing for the better was broken. Oftentimes it’s said that people make the same mistakes of their ancestors or the people that came before them. That’s not exactly true, the same mistakes are made by choice. Probably a bad choice in some cases but a choice nonetheless.

Take some family members for instance. Some sayings have stated ‘you can’t choose your family.’ Says those who live by that crappy excuse to put up with utter garbage time and time again. Then they got the nerve to complain, BOOOOOO!

Oh and my favorite line, ‘Family sticks together no matter what,’ or ‘If everybody else turns their back on you, your family will always be there.’

BULLSPIT! (My form of swearing, don’t knock my knack…)

Personally I have come to terms that family will feed you to the garbage disposal or throw you in the lion’s den before they properly support you.

Or they live by the ‘WAIT AND SEE’ rule. The rule where they wait to see if you succeed and then congratulate you as if they were rooting for you to do great things the entire time. When the truth is they were the main ones talking about you behind your back hoping and praying you would fail.

Family is not who you were born with necessarily but those you have been blessed with.

If you want to succeed to your full potential, that’s what you should continuously surround yourself with. Surround yourself with greatness… Surround yourself with those who count their blessings while praying for your blessings to be increased… Surround yourself with those who add you to their prayer list instead of adding you to their gossip board… Surround yourself with ones who are there when you are at your lowest and never snub their noses at you… Surround yourself with ones who desire to surround themselves with greatness because if they still have you around that means YOU ARE GREAT!

Now if that isn’t a self-esteem booster, honey I don’t know what is.

I choose to break the chain of destruction of those who came before me… HOW ABOUT YOU?

On that note, I’m stepping down off my soap box.

Much Love ~Nika~

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4 thoughts on “Proper Support System

  1. I believe when you don’t have a proper support system, and people around you that will tell you the truth no matter what, you start looking for other peoples approval. And those people may not have your best interest at heart.


    1. That is true… I remember being in that predicament a time or two.


  2. Totally agree…if your main goal is to see me fail and not be supportive…then kick rocks!!!


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