Part Two…

As I stated in my ‘Happy New Year’ blog, I’m not doing the whole new years resolution so to speak but I plan to make the necessary life changes to alter the things I want to change. I’m setting goals instead. How can you accurately set goals? In my opinion, you can only set the proper goals if you appropriately analyze what it is you want to change. So in order for me to do that I feel like I need to reevaluate my previous year or years. It’s like when you read a story that’s apart of a series, you may go back to the book before to skim through to make sure you are still on track. As a kind of refresher course…

2013 was a good year for me. Things that I didn’t know I was capable of achieving, it was made possible. Through hard work no doubt but it happened nonetheless. Long nights, endless days, countless cups of tea, and numerous sound out sessions all came in handy as I typed away on my laptop. My sound out sessions consist of ear buds, a music app (iHeart radio, Pandora, etc.), and any neo-soul station. That’s when I get the most work done.

LOVE DRUG – Jan. 2013

MO’ BETTER – April 2013



What a blessing it is to be able to live a life long dream… One whole year into the business of working for SELF. The Lord has truly been good to me and my family. Every morning when I rise, I thank him because I know another day is not promised and if it wasn’t for his grace and mercy… Where would I be?

2013 was also an eye-opener year for me as well. Of course I count my blessings but I also let go of some baggage. Numerous times I’ve heard or read people speak of getting rid of unnecessary people in their lives. Ridding themselves of pointless relationships that seem to go nowhere. I have honestly had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment more than once last year where I was privy to a serious revelation.


I was walking around with rose-colored glasses, FOR REAL!

Some things that I burdened my spirit with for years… Things that always seemed to riddle me stuck on stupid in the end… Things that would drive the ones closest to me straight up crazy because I was obsessed with COMPLAINING about the things that drove me next to insane.

I stuck with one piece of advice that my sissy (R. Edwards-Rodgers) blessed me with back in 2007 throughout all of the dilemma’s in my life. After one of my ranting moments where I was damn near in tears from frustration, she said “I love you and I’m not trying to be mean but don’t continue to complain about it unless you are going to do something about it.” Actually she said it a little harder than that but I couldn’t even get mad because the truth hurts. I was woman enough to admit it at the time. So that motto has stuck with me to this day… LOVE U SISSY!!! 

I said all of that to say this, NO MORE. I am finally at a place in my life where I take what is to come or ‘lack there of‘ in some cases with a grain of salt. I can take it or leave it… I choose to leave it, what about you?

In other good news, to start off the year with a kick… is officially up and running. Complete with a sign up option that will give members/followers/fans/readers a chance to follow my live story writing process. The process I would normally go through on but I’m doing things a little different this year. Even if I don’t get the kind of following I have on wattpad, I still plan to follow through with this endeavor.

If you would like to be apart of my story writing process that gives you a sneak peak into the stories I have planned for the world… Click on the above link and sign up at the top of the page. I will be sure to send out updates as the story progresses.

Until next time… MUCH LOVE ~Nika~

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5 thoughts on “Part Two…

  1. Regardless of age…I can say I learn from you…whether you realize it or not! I love you sis! I am so PROUD of you!!!!


  2. ♡♥ it and♥♡ you, too! Funny I said I’m no longer doing resolutions…I’m setting goals! Great minds think a like!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Because we are truly sisters… Aha… I guess since ur the oldest I will say I’m following in my sissy’s footsteps. Love u…


  3. Well Said…u can either take it as is or change!!!


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