Today is the day that I will never forget. Well maybe one day it will become a faint memory but until then, IT’S MY ANNIVERSARY!!!

This day ONE year ago I released my very first book, ‘LOVE DRUG’ that is still one of my best sellers. I truly enjoy writing. It’s not the money, it’s the excitement of starting a story, becoming one with the characters, and making it happen as if it were real life events. All too often I’ve gotten questions in regards to whether my stories are based off of real life events or made up. The answer is always the same, they are made up. As it states in the copyright area, it’s all pure coincidental that some people, places, or events may resemble real things.

To celebrate my first full year as a self-published author, my fifth book was approved for distribution. That’s right, THE ULTIMATE FIGHT is completed, edited, and submitted for review on amazon.com/kindlebooks.


Currently I still write live stories on http://www.wattpad.com/nappyredd30. Wattpad is where I made my start. Where all the votes that boosted my confidence, the comments that hyped the stories up giving me the motivation to continue, and here I am almost two years later with five completed works.

Of course I have my ups and downs with the business. I’m not famous, YET, but don’t count me out. I claim good fortune as well as recognition in advance. Everything happens in due season and I’m about as patient as anyone in my position can get. Finding representation or major publication is no joke. The research has taught me a lot though. It’s a strenuous process not knowing if your query letter, synopsis, or even your first five chapters is good enough for someone in that industry to give you that one shot. All most self-published authors just want that one chance to prove that they have what it takes to be great.

Oh well I won’t whine about it… Mainly because this is a happy day… My day will come. 🙂

That’s all for now folks… I was just too dang crunk not to share this with the blogging world. As soon as it is available for purchase via Kindle I will pass the word along. Until then stay tuned… Much Love ~Nika~


The Ultimate Fight
The Ultimate Fight


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