The good with the bad…

There comes a time in our lives where we have a trade that means the world to us. It’s our outlet to escape the ugliness of the world. Be it a writer, a singer, or a dancer, whatever the gift is it feels good to be able to express our creativity through those channels. Of course it feels good and warms our hearts to get the praise of the work but with the good there has to be some bad out there. Although people that are serious about their craft needs the constructive criticism along with the good reviews, it still has that sting affect that everyone isn’t pleased.

As some of the readers know, I have released my fourth book titled ‘Austin’s Desire’. It’s a little different from my previous titles. I first released the story on for the wide range of fans that I collected on that site, just for pure entertainment and fun. The story morphed into a full fledged romance novel, received over two thousand votes, and countless interested comments. The story kept the readers attention and had them asking for more. My wonderfully supportive DH let me know straight up that ‘Austin’s Desire’ was a winner and should be published. When daddy speaks, I shall obey… (winks and giggles) The first week sales honestly shocked me honestly, no doubt about it I’m extremely happy at the success of the book but I had no idea it was going to take off as it did.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t expect everyone to see the vision that I see when I write a book. I know that’s not how it works by any means. So when I checked on Austin’s progress today on, I was excited to see I had my very first review on there but as I read the contents that excitement soon keeled over and died. It was a two star vote and the reviewer went to give a detailed review of what they thought was wrong with both my writing and the characters. Personally I don’t agree but I could be biased. Luckily I have some pretty tough skin and understand in this industry not everyone is going to be pleased by what is released. Just because 2000 people think it’s a winner, there will always be one person that will go ‘It could have been better’ or say ‘it was terrible.’ That’s just the way the cookie crumbles… 😦

Thank you to all the wonderful readers, fans, reviewers, and supporters that truly enjoy what I have to offer readers. To others that are not quite moved, sorry maybe next time.

Again Austin’s Desire is officially on sale on,, and will be available through as well as iBook store in a week. Until next time…

Much Love ~Nika~

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