Increase with Decrease

Increase – 1. To become greater or larger.
     2. To multiply; reproduce.
Decrease – 1. The act or process of decreasing.
      2. The amount by which something decreases.

Becoming a self-published author was a hard decision for me to make just seven months ago and honestly I have no regrets whatsoever. Deciding to actually put the thoughts or shall I say well thought out imagination on paper was an easier decision to make because I was doing it for fun not really knowing who all would accept what I write or how it would be interpreted. It’s been a liberating experience to be able to do something I love and share it with people all over the world. Yes I’m very aware that I am far from mainstream and honestly I don’t know if I will ever be nationally published by a major publishing house but who is to say that it won’t happen one day. NOT I SAID THE CAT! As far as I knew I didn’t stand a chance on selling as little as a hundred books on my first novel but I passed that the first full month it was on sale and it’s still my best seller to this day with two more projects following that one. The increase of publicity for ‘Love Drug’ alone gives me motivation that one day all of my work will be something to be reckoned with and will surpass not just my expectations but the expectations of so many others in this field.

The increase in sales for all three books, the increase of availability for all three books, and the increase in creativity in all three books are soaring through the roof. I’m proud of all that I have accomplished in such a short time and the growth that I have obtained by stepping out on faith that I can do anything I put my mind to. I wanted to be an author and tell stories that folks could relate to with a little seasoning (drama, suspense, passion, etc.) for added effect. Not only reaching that goal but surpassing it by a long shot. Increasing my fan base or following is something that I never imagined possible. was my start and I am forever grateful for the love I received from the readers. The comments were always uplifting and full of motivation further letting me know that my tales not only entertained but they reeled the readers in making them feel a part of it. During my increase of knowledge in this business I also realized that not everything is for everybody. Those fans who loved the love of ‘Love Drug’ may not be into the suspense and crime of ‘Mo Better’ and Questionable Intentions.’ That’s to be understandable and I’m cool with that. Thankfully I have a tough skin and can roll with the punches.

With increase there is always some decrease somewhere and vice versa. Decrease in stress, decrease in worries, decrease in fake surroundings, and anything negative giving me an increase in ‘ICGAFF’ 101. Some might go “What the heck is ‘ICGAFF’ 101?” or “Is she cursing?” Sorry to disappoint but no curse words in this good phrase but it serves its purpose just the same to get the desired reaction. It stands for ‘I could give a flying flip’. My stress level has decreased tremendously, “why stress over stuff that are not in your hands to fix?” Pray instead give it over to God, and BOOM, there’s an increase on years to live. Stress is the number one killer, right? Decrease on worries, ICGAFF of what, how, and who view me as. Why trip, people have their own opinions about everybody else but very seldom do they take a look in the mirror to categorize themselves? Decreasing the amount of fake surrounding is the people that are around that are there for all the wrong reasons. ((Self-explanatory)) The good far outweighs the bad in this case, with the revealing of the negative the positive shines bright. A positive support system is always a wonderful addition to a great success.

Questions of the day:

Could we all use a little ‘ICGAFF’ 101 in our everyday lives?

Is it healthy to take on this attitude?

I’m feeling a thousand times better now that I have blogged a little something-something because it has indeed been a long time coming. Drop a sister a line or two and tell me how you feeling about this little tidbit of knowledge. Pass along to some friends and family that could benefit from something positive vs. the constant growing negative or bashing type of Facebook or twitter posts. I read a phrase the other day that couldn’t have been better stated than it was, ‘FACE YOUR PROBLEMS DON’T FACEBOOK THEM!’

Until next time readers and bloggers…

Much Love ~Nappyredd~

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