Questionable Motives…

Oftentimes us as human beings are quick to judge, forgetting that we have no authority to do so. As the saying goes, “Stuff happens!” Of course not in those words but the meaning remains the same. It’s basically what I call, “selective memory loss.” LOL… 🙂

This weekend, something that I happened to see bothered my spirit a little or I witnessed some things that didn’t sit too well with me. After I used some choice words about the matter, I had a discussion with my DH because I needed some clarity in the matter and it went a little something like this.  Summed up in so many words, there was disrespect or some questionable things that went on for far too long to be a misunderstanding. Disrespect in any form or fashion is just completely unacceptable in any form, shape, or fashion especially in an intimate relationship. (JUST MY OPINION) It may stem from being disrespected in past relationships that probably triggered some extra resentment from me. Either way after I voiced my issues on the matter to my better half and voice of reason for a couple of days, I started to think maybe I was being too harsh  and maybe I was judging before I knew the whole story. (literally shrugs shoulders)


Was that considered as judging or was my actions in any way judgmental?

My temporary sympathy voice was topped by my DH’s voice of reason. What I was doing was not per say judging but observing what I saw and voicing my opinion, concerns, and expressing my disdain about the matter in it’s entirety. 

Let’s face it, who am I to judge anyone about their discretion’s, if those affected don’t give a flying flip then why should I? Right? But if the actions of other’s make me feel uncomfortable or feel some type of way then shouldn’t it be okay that I voice those concerns? 

What’s the difference in being judgmental and just voicing what you have observed?

Oh well it was just something that was on my mind. Maybe I should put it into a story. That may be interesting. Just so the readers know that thought just came to me like a light bulb. I wonder would anybody read it, buy it, or accept it. Only time will tell but my mind is telling me that this would be an interesting tale. I apologize that I can’t go into detail about what I witnessed that bothered the heck out of me but my discretion is really to protect the innocent. Use your imagination a little, it could be more interesting than me telling the story. After all the best stories are those based off of true life events with a little imagination thrown in, or at least that’s my opinion. Until next time!!!  

Much Love ~NappyRedd~

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