Adjust – 
1. To change so as to match or fit; cause to correspond.
2. To bring into proper relationship.
3. To adapt or conform, as to new conditions: “unable to adjust themselves to their environment” (Karl A. Menninger). See Synonyms at adapt.
Adjusting or adapting to a new feeling, surrounding, situation, etc. can be quite taxing if you are not prepared properly. It’s almost like a badly cooked meal if it’s not properly prepped. The results can be devastating if you are not an adaptable type of person. By that I mean if you don’t adjust well to changes whether they were sudden or purposely. Oftentimes unavoidable surprises and dilemma’s present themselves at the most inappropriate time. Those times when an unexpected expense comes up when you already have limited funds, some choose to freak out while others choose to take it as life’s unexpected hurdles and just cross it. After all what does stressing about a situation really get a person. Oh yeah I know, a shorter life span, wrinkles, high blood pressure, acne, headaches, and the list could go on forever. What’s the point in that?! 
How can one really prepare for LIFE? Is it possible to be prepared for every mishap or hiccup that can occur to throw a person off their path?
My answer is simple, I don’t have a freaking clue because I honestly feel I am never properly prepared. I am prepared in certain aspects but mainly I prefer short term goals. Of course I have long term goals too but long term seems so far away. LOL… OK seriously though, life is too short to stress over what is to come. That attitude seems to work out better for me personally. My answer to the second question is, in my opinion no one can ever be prepared for everything. One can try but surprises always pop up when you least expect it. It’s like a reality check that things change every day. Just when you think things are going good and you are moving on up like the Jefferson’s, some unexpected burden shows it’s ugly head to knock you down a few notches. The most important thing is that once you’re knocked down is that you get back up. The worst thing that one can do is let whatever the problem is keep them down and do nothing to remedy the problem. 
Life is an upward battle, you gotta put in the proper effort in order to continue to fight through the obstacles thrown in the way. 
Be Blessed folks… I’m a work in progress, what about you? 
Deuces ~Nika~ 
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