Conflict Vs. Compromise

Conflict –
A serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one: “the eternal conflict between the sexes”.

Compromise –
An agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.

Often times things or situations become played out like eight tracks. I know that’s a very cliche saying but it’s true more times than not. So what are we to do about the played out or outdated things? Well the smart thing to do would be to change the order, the outcome, or who is involved. Basically the keyword would be change. Everyday people young and old complain about this or complain about that. I must admit I was once a guilty participant in the pity city committee. The pity city committee is pretty much self explanatory. Something goes wrong and instead of taking the blame for my part in the messed up situation, I find what else was wrong and throw the focus there. All while relishing in the pity given from outsiders telling me it’s gonna be alright or better yet the pity I consumed myself in. You know the saying, “Wallowing in self-pity.” It took years to come to the conclusion that nothing was ever going to be alright unless I first figured out what the problem was, prayed for guidance to solve the problem, and then proceed to come up with solutions to fix the problem even if that required removing myself from the equation entirely. So the question of today is, DUN DUN DUNNNNNN…..

Why produce or deal with conflict when the obvious answer is to propose a compromise?

Now if that doesn’t work then it’s obvious that everybody doesn’t have good intentions towards problem solving. What is so wrong with things changing especially for the good? Good changes promote healthy growth. Everybody is not out to kill, steal, and destroy. Only one entity has the ability to do something so heartless because that’s his entire goal. It’s known that some people are set in their ways and absolutely despise change but my main question is WHY? These people don’t want to try anything new whether its food, songs, dances, adventures, and that list could go on forever. That just sounds plain dang BORING. Who wants to live like that? Certainly not me…

As I’ve stated in previous blogs my complaint-o-meter is out of service and I’ve officially moved out of pity city. If its something that’s bothering me I’m in the business of figuring out what can be done about it to make it better and should I remove myself completely to avoid further strain. Compromising to appease those who dislike change is where most parties of conflict end up because nine times out of ten somebody if not everybody involved may not have any intentions on budging. It sucks huge ones but the fact remains is that it happens.

As the slogan for my church goes, “Change is free” but to add on to that statement that already speaks volumes, “How much does conflict and never ending drama cost?” If you dig a little deeper or better yet dig way below the surface area, you could possibly see that those negatives can cost you the important things in life. Friends, family, job, money, and most importantly respect. 

That is all for today folks. Of course I will be back soon with some other thoughts but I feel it’s inappropriate to connect the thoughts of the two subject matters that’s on my mind today. To all who stay up on current events of Literary Essence will be thoroughly entertained, well everybody that’s open-minded will enjoy. On that note, I’LL HOLLA!!!

Much Love ~Nika~

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