Some people probably didn’t get that right off the bat when they read the title but for those of you who immediately started talking in the Sha-Nay-Nay voice… DING DING you get a cookie cause that’s exactly what voice was in my head when I started typing. LOL

Chiefs and/or Indians???

In the last two weeks I have heard the saying “It’s too many Chiefs and not enough Indians” entirely TOO many times. My question is, who is the deciding factor of who is the leader and who is the followers? The main mouths that throw this statement out are ones who want to be the leader but also quote in the same breath “but I don’t want to be in charge but I will be to make things better.” HUH??? Is it necessary to not  participate in activities because everything is not going according to your plan? Is it plausible to say in one breath “Things need to change,” but in the next, “I don’t like THOSE changes”? True, everyone is entitled to their opinion, votes should be cast, and every one’s thoughts should be taken into consideration. And if “Majority Rules” not in your favor then applaud for the cause and let’s get moving with a positive not negative mindset. 
Why are human beings so dang power hungry? Everything is a competition, for what? What’s the prize? Is there a prize? I don’t get it. Conflict that causes others within an organization to draw straws or take sides is not healthy. Compromise, team-work, and communication skills to achieve a greater goal is the only way to get things done decent and in order. Imagine the great things that could be accomplished if more people worked together than dividing and attempting to conquer causing unnecessary confusion and conflict.
In order to get away from a lot of power struggles I have chosen to step out of titles in the past. Some of that may have stemmed from lacking in confidence within myself as well or just not wanting to do it from the get go. Today the titles that I hold, I hold them with my head held high and choosing not to feel bad because it’s not like I sought out those positions, I was voted or promoted. Honestly I was a little leery of them at first letting that self-doubt creep in and scare the bejesus out of me. Making me afraid of criticism from others but today I say, “NO MORE!” I will not let the opinions and ugly statements of others dictate how I handle what I was called to do.
I remember one sermon that my pastor preached stating that everyone is not destined to lead. Just because you think you could do this, that, and the other better than somebody else does not mean that’s what you are supposed to do. Sure enough you may be good at that particular thing but does that mean you’re supposed to lead others in doing it or are you supposed to help by passing on your certain expertise? Also everybody isn’t destined to be followers, a prince of a kingdom must lead one day when the king passes the torch. It’s pre-destined. We all have a calling to do something, why not be happy in that and push on? Like my pastor once stated, 
“Did your blessing pass you by because you were too busy worrying about what somebody else is doing?”
Alright that is all folks, back to your regularly scheduled program… That was weighing heavy on me and I decided to let that beast free. I figured why not share this with everyone. Someone may be going through the same thing at the moment.
Much Love ~Nika~
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