"These Are The Days of Our Lives…"

Who or what crosses your mind when you say those words aloud? If your answer was the soap opera that used to come on, that could be the correct answer for some people cause the actual days of our lives and the situations that came on those days could fill the pages of so many books it would turn into a trilogy. When I said the words aloud the first thing that came to mind was the popular Bone Thugs and Harmony song “These Are The Days Of Our Lives”.

In case the lot of you haven’t figured it out, music is like a window to my soul. Listening to certain music can transfer all sorts of emotions and send me through so many different mind sets. For instance when I listen to certain Dirty South music I tend to either feel real thuggish, feel at ease, or ready to “Drop It Like Its Hot”, pun intended, all depending on the song. I can listen to east coast and want to be a lyricist or listen to west coast and then I plead the fifth. Don’t judge me… Lol… Take it “Slow and Easy” with some serious R&B and wanna “Go Half on A Baby” because let’s face it HE “Got his hooks in me”… Ok that may have been cheesy but I enjoy taking it “Back in the Days” with my music choices. That’s when some of the best music could describe how even the most difficult to understand person is feeling or could make that one person with the hardest shell to crack feel all mushy. The base, drums, and organ of “The Blood still works,” can dang near send you into shout mode because you feel like reflecting on how “God Made Me!” LOL… Ok I will quit with the song titles telling a story type of writing.

What makes you feel good?

Is it music, movies, interactions with loved ones, food, workout, a good read, etc.?

Movies come in as a strong second soother for me but music will forever be number one. And no offense to the youngin’s of this generation but the new age music is just not my cup of tea. Every once and a while I might run across someone from the 2000’s era where I can pick at least one song off their CD and bump. But in all honesty late 90’s all the way back to 70’s got me on lock. Yes I said 70’s and yes I know I was not even thought about but the music from that era just has a meaning and a purpose. It had a feeling, a lot soul, and sometimes a mind of it’s own. Studies say you should play music for babies while they are still in the womb so maybe that makes me a hidden genius cause I love music so much (DON’T LAUGH TOO HARD PEOPLE). Of course they said certain music but we will overlook that one minor detail.

That’s my rant for last night/today. You just never know there may be more to come for the day because I’m so “UNPREDICTABLE.” Okay for real that was the last song sentence. Until next time…

Much Love ~Nika~

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