Lovely Day…

I remember once I heard a preacher give a sermon about greetings. They said that they almost hate to ask someone how they are doing or how their day is going because the answers are always negative; “Oh not so good…, Terrible…, To be expected…, Alright but…, Good but… then it’s followed by what is going wrong or has went wrong. LOL… I found that sermon funny because I would be lying if I said I didn’t do the same thing and sometimes I find myself doing it till this day. My key phrase is, “I’m good, just tired…” BOOOOO!!!!

“I need to do better,” I always chant that statement to myself but what am I doing to change the things I don’t care for. I was reading a classmates blog just last week titled
Honey, You’d Better AFFIRM That Thang!!!” by Jennifer Dawn at The Upgrade Experience (Double click the highlighted links and it will take you straight to it). It was very motivational for me and made me question whether I am my own mood-killer. Whether or not my negative feelings on any God given day is the sole reason why I feel down sometimes or just plain in a bad mood. I affirm that I want to be more positive. How about them apples?

I have an abundance of things to be grateful for and it’s high time I focus on those things vs complaining about what has not gone according to MY plans. I can finally say “I GET IT”… It’s not my plans that matter it’s HIS plans that have and will always matter.

Now that I have affirmed many things for myself to UPGRADE myself, (Thanks Jennifer) I will close this blog out because I don’t want to add to it and change the atmosphere of it. I should have two more blogs for today on the other topics swirling through this complex brain of mine. Stay tuned for more on this wonderful growth process…

Much Love as always ~Nika~

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